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16 ideas for worthy gifts at the last moment (up to 500 rubles)

Take note of these 16 ideas for inexpensive but very worthy gifts in case you are unexpectedly invited to visit, if you inadvertently miss someone from the invitee list, or just do not have time to prepare for the New Year..

  • Our gift guide will help you find good gifts up to 500 rubles at the last moment in any shopping center, hypermarket or even … grocery store!

Delicious gift in the style of “Sending from the USSR”

This gift idea will help out in case you only have time to get to the nearest grocery.

Who is suitable for: people of the older generation, friends from abroad and lovers of Soviet themes.


  • The main thing in this gift is cute packaging and, preferably, a Soviet postcard..

parcel from the ussr


If you remove the champagne, you get a great children’s gift with Cheburashka

A set of goodies in the style of “Back to the 90s”

Zuko instant juices, Snickers or Nuts chocolates, Mamba candies, Dr. Pepper and Love is gum can be found in most supermarkets. Add New Year’s packaging to this set and the original gift is ready!

Who is suitable for: people whose youth passed in the 90s.


The photo shows a ready-made gift set, but you can assemble the same one yourself

Nice tea or coffee

This gift is good for its versatility, as well as the fact that, “playing” with the varieties and weight of tea / coffee, you can make a gift for any budget and occasion. For example, as a “compliment” you can buy two good teas, 50-100 grams each, and to make a more serious gift, you can make an assortment of the noblest varieties and arrange a gift in the form of a bouquet, a Christmas tree, etc. (in tea shops, sellers pack selected sets right in front of you).

Who is suitable for: Tea and coffee is a versatile gift that can be gifted to anyone aged 12+. Such a gift is especially appropriate for moms and dads, grandparents, uncles and aunts, parents of a husband / wife, colleagues, couples.


  • If you are not sure whether the person you are doing has a coffee grinder, then you should grind grain coffee right in the store (all specialized coffee and tea shops provide this service for free).

Candles and candlesticks

There are never many candles in the house and it is always pleasant to receive them as a gift. After all, they symbolize warmth and light, decorate the interior.

Who is suitable for: For couples, girlfriends, newcomers, everyone who loves comfort and decor.


  • It is worth paying attention to scented candles with a neutral odor (if you do not know the tastes), colored candles, molded, with a candlestick or in beautiful glass, wood, metal or ceramic packaging.

a pineapple

This ornate pineapple candlestick in H&M Home costs only 499 rubles

candlestick ikea

Such a cute New Year’s candlestick can be bought in Ikea for 269 rubles

Red caviar

Everyone loves red caviar! Believe me, such a gift will definitely not stay in the refrigerator and, moreover, will not be trivial. The main thing is to elegantly pack the jar and supplement it with a postcard..

Who is suitable for: all food lovers.



  • A jar of caviar can be included as a gift on the theme “Sending from the USSR” as shown in the photo below.

the USSR

the USSR


For example, it can be unpretentious, but elegant orchids (small or large), cute cypress or picea trees (they look like mini-trees), fashionable succulents, or the most common ficuses. In any case, the gift will turn out to be positive and useful, but at the same time inexpensive..

Who is suitable for: mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, new settlers, married couples, colleagues, gardening lovers.


Pizza from Ikea


Such an orchid with 1 stem costs 300-400 rubles


  • Cypress trees and piceas can be decorated like a Christmas tree with Christmas decorations, tangerines, sweets.


Bath bombs

By giving a person a bath bomb, you will give him time for relaxation alone with himself, time for body and soul. Plus, bath bombs tend to be so fragrant, festive, and beautiful on their own that they don’t even need to be wrapped.!

Who is suitable for: everyone who works hard and loves to take care of themselves.

Prompt: Bombs can be bought at almost any beauty and makeup store. For example, at Lush, Victoria Secret, Rivgosch and Letual.

bath bombs

Board games

Yes, most board games cost more than 500 rubles, but even for a small amount, you can find an excellent option. For example, we recommend the following win-win games:

  • A popular game for all times and for any Uno company (450 rubles);
  • Alias: Compact for the whole family (470 rubles);
  • Classic “Twister” (from 300 rubles).

Who is suitable for: families, children, young people.



Socks are both a fun and practical gift. The main thing is to choose socks with New Year’s prints or just bright colors. It is also advisable to choose socks in accordance with the personality of the donee. For example, socks with Santa Claus are suitable for the father of the family, socks with Santa Clauses, for a child with funny snowmen or elfs, for a young girl with snowflakes..

Who is suitable for: Families, couples, young boys and girls, children.


  • Afraid that your socks will seem too mundane? Just pack each pair any way you want and the socks will magically become “special”.

family socks

Honey or honey with additives

Honey is a tasteful gift. Not only because it is really tasty, but also because it is healthy, sincere and uncommon.

Who is suitable for: for moms and dads, grandparents, uncles and aunts, husband / wife parents, colleagues, married couples.

honey as a gift

honey as a gift

Photo frames

Even the most modest photo frame is never hidden in the box of “ridiculous gifts”. And if you supplement it with a printed photograph, then it is more sincere than a gift and it is difficult to come up with.

Who is suitable for: families (as a general gift), for mothers and fathers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, husband / wife’s parents, married couples, young girls.

photo frames

The largest selection of inexpensive photo frames is presented in Ikea

Thermo mug

They keep the temperature of the drink for a long time and, moreover, save our planet from the thoughtless consumption of paper cups from coffee houses..

Who is suitable for: everyone, but especially motorists, lovers of coffee and tea, people seeking conscious consumption.


An elegant thermo mug is sold in Ashan for 553 rubles

Case for phone

If you know the phone model of your loved one, then it’s in the bag – just buy him a cool case.

Who is suitable for: to all.


Christmas decorations

It is always pleasant to replenish the collection of New Year’s decorations, especially if they are donated by good people.

Who is suitable for: to all.


  • As a gift, it is better to purchase toys made not of plastic, but of natural materials: glass, wood, ceramics, metal, straw, fabric.
  • Christmas toys can be either a stand-alone gift or a nice addition to the main gift (especially if it is a hastily bought gift certificate from Letual or patterned chocolates). So, for example, a small toy can be used for a packaging item.


Small silver jewelry

Earrings-studs, pendants and silver rings are a noble and beautiful gift that may not be expensive at all. If you do not know the taste of a person and are afraid to miscalculate, then choose laconic jewelry with a classic, not too fancy design.


For example, it can be:

  • Stud earrings;
  • Pendants-letters (the initial letter of the donee’s first or last name);
  • Pendants in the form of classic symbols: leaf, feather, star, heart, flower bud, snowflake, horseshoe, clover, key, infinity sign, etc .;
  • Pendants-icons;
  • Pins;
  • Strand Bracelets with Pendants.

Who is suitable for: all girls and women, young people.

Here is our selection of jewelry from the Sunlight store worth from 300 to 500 rubles.

Potholders or pretty kitchen towels

Beautiful textiles will not only protect the hands of the culinary specialist, but also please the eye and remind of the donor.

Who is suitable for: everyone who loves to cook, especially grandmothers.


  • Together with the potholder, you can give the chef a timer, a spatula, a whisk and other gadgets for cooking.

a gift to the cook