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15 ideas from IKEA for decorating an apartment for the New Year

New Year is approaching – a family, atmospheric and magical holiday. To make it even more wonderful, decorate the apartment with IKEA decor. We have collected 15 items for Christmas decoration of the apartment.

1. Christmas tree WINTERFEST

Not a single New Year passes without the main attribute of the holiday – the Christmas tree. For the New Year holidays, IKEA has released a new line of products – WINTERFEST. Festive attributes are perfectly combined with each other and will become the main New Year’s decor of the apartment. And the WINTERFEST tree is 175 cm long for 2,499 rubles. will fit into any design and will not cause problems during installation. You can buy it link.


2. Decorations for the WINTERFEST Christmas tree

It is not enough to buy a Christmas tree, you also need to decorate it with various toys. This can be done with the following sets and elements:

  • A set of 20 balls for the tree. The balls are of different shades, made of various sturdy materials. Will not break if dropped. Cost – 499 rubles. Purchase can be here.


The balls are perfectly combined with other sets from WINTERFEST. You can see them in the IKEA catalog. Decorations can be found in various colors and shapes, such as mushrooms. Colors – gold, red, blue and others. The kits include the necessary hooks and hangers.

  • Pendants for Christmas tree decorations. Festive, colorful pendants will replace the lost balloon hooks. In a set of 30 pieces, you can purchase them for 149 rubles., by clicking on the link. On the IKEA website you can find pendants in white.


3. Artificial garlands WINTERFEST

You can also decorate the room with artificial garlands. They look like living plants and give the apartment a sense of celebration, creating an extraordinary atmosphere..

  • A three-meter garland in the form of a spruce branch for 599 r. Can decorate a festive table or wall.


Link to product in Ikea

  • Three-meter garland for 699 rubles. You can buy here.


4. Backlight WINTERFEST

One of the indispensable Christmas decorations in an apartment is LED garlands or lights. In the WINTERFEST line there is an unusual LED garland “in the dome”. Thanks to the soft light, the room will be filled with comfort. You can use it not only on New Year’s holidays. Powered by batteries. Thanks to the automatic shutdown, the attribute can be left overnight. After 6 hours, the system will automatically turn off the bulbs.

backlight wine

Price – 699 r. You can buy here.

We decided to include in our selection one more type of backlights from WINTERFEST – in the form of Christmas trees of different sizes. LED bulbs are battery operated. There is a large flashlight for 699 rubles that you can buy here.

It can be supplemented with a set of three small glowing Christmas trees for 399 rubles. You can purchase a set, by clicking on the link.

Backlight Winterfest Ikea

5. Shaped LED candle GODAFTON

The candle can easily replace natural wax candle and decorate your home before Christmas or New Year. Powered by batteries. The light of a candle is practically indistinguishable from the light of a real candle. The lamp is safe in that it will not burn a small child, and the risks of a fire decrease to zero. Attribute cost – 349 rubles. You can buy, by clicking on the link.


6. Garland LIVSOR

Decorative lighting creates coziness and an extraordinary atmosphere in the apartment. This is especially important for the Christmas holidays. Garland LIVSOR will help to decorate the house and give it a bit of magic. She looks unusual and illuminates the room with warm, white light. The cost of decoration is 1 299 rubles. You can buy here.


7. SMIKKA branch

An elegant artificial branch will complement the New Year’s design and become part of the New Year’s holiday. It can be decorated with light Christmas tree decorations or LED lights. Will look good in a transparent vase. You can put other design elements in the vase – colored stones or confetti. The price of one branch is 399 rubles.


Link to product in Ikea

8. Shaped candle WINTERFEST

Beautiful candles with cozy pictures will decorate the festive table and create a festive atmosphere. They will warm you on a cold winter evening and give you a feeling of magic. The set includes 4 candles. Cost – only 249 r.

candle winterfest

Link to product in Ikea


This glass and very stylish bowl will become a part of the Christmas table and will add a special atmosphere. Made of durable glass so it is difficult to break. You can put in a bowl as a festive dish or turn it into a storage for New Year’s confetti or other decorations. The cost of one bowl is 499 rubles. Combines well with other products from the TIDWATTEN range.

Link to product in Ikea

10. GLIMRANDE Lantern

The candlelight can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Light shines through the glass and gently illuminates a room or courtyard. Body color – black. Attribute cost – 699 r.


Link to product in Ikea

11. Snow Globe WINTERFEST

Glass unusual balls with snow or sparkles inside are relevant and will remain in demand for a very long time. IKEA offers such a ball with artificial snow inside and Santa Claus. When shaken, the artificial filling of the ball will smoothly move inside and create a festive, cozy atmosphere. Price RUB 499.

balloon winterfest Ikea

Link to product in Ikea

12. LED garland STROLA

The garland is battery operated, does not need to be connected to the mains. Aesthetic red flower stars act as lanterns. It looks unusual on a New Year tree and gives the room a festive atmosphere. Cost – 599 r.


Link to product in Ikea


The difference between this candle and others is its unusual color. There are such colors as pure gold, silver. It can be placed in a candlelight or placed on a stand. Candles go well with each other and create a festive comfort in the apartment. The cost of one – 229 r.

candle winterfest Ikea

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14. Garland SNEYRA

Another unusual LED garland is from the SNEYRA line. Its peculiarity is in the shape of light bulbs – their round shape will retain the feeling of a holiday even after Christmas or New Year. It does not need to be plugged into an outlet and runs on batteries. Recreates white, warm light. Cost – only 499 r.


Link to product in Ikea


Not a single New Year is complete without a wreath on the front door. A festive wreath from WINTERFEST will complement your Christmas design. It can be used not only as a decoration on the front door, but also as a decoration for a festive table. Price – 999 r. On the site you can find other options for wreaths.

winterfest wreath Ikea

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