Decorating the hallway with stone and wallpaper: photos and ideas

Stone wallpaper is an excellent analogue of expensive natural material Stone wallpaper is an excellent analogue of expensive natural material Every person at least once in his life planned to make repairs: of course, this necessarily takes time and a lot of money. And yet, if there is a real desire for change, then such spending is not so important: the most important thing is the future result, a beautiful house and rave reviews from guests about your creativity..

If you are one of such people, then wallpaper “under a stone” is definitely suitable for you: instead of a banal pattern or drawing, you can stick wallpaper that can surprise you with its naturalness and naturalness.

Moreover, if they are really of high quality, then at first it may even seem to the guests that the room is really finished with real stones or bricks: that is why it is an excellent solution for every home. And in which room will this wallpaper look best? Of course, in the place where you first meet your guests – in the hallway.

Advantages of stone wallpaper: hallway

One of the most popular materials for decoration at the moment is stone: it is durable, suitable for almost any interior, and with the help of a stone you can emphasize your high status and condition. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a real stone even to decorate at least one room. Also, there are situations when, simply due to the characteristics of the room, it cannot be trimmed with such material. What to do in such a situation? Stone-like wallpaper comes to the rescue of such people..

Imitation of a brick wall looks stylish and neat at the same time Imitation of a brick wall looks stylish and neat at the same time

They have no structural differences from ordinary wallpapers: the only thing that sets them apart from the “gray mass” is a pattern that imitates masonry. In expensive wallpaper, to make it look realistic, various varnishes and other materials are applied in several layers: naturally, such wallpapers are more expensive, but they look much more stylish and natural than wallpapers with a conventional pattern.

Although natural stone in the interior is a sign of high wealth, its imitation, wallpaper, has a number of advantages compared to the original finish..

Advantages of stone finishes:

  • Stone is a rather cold material: for many people this can be a disadvantage; in addition, you need to get used to this material: for many people, wallpaper is more familiar as a decoration for walls.
  • If a person even liked the natural stone in someone’s interior, then there is no guarantee that the material he purchased will meet his expectations. When the decoration has already been done, it is rather difficult to return everything back: therefore, you will have to put up with the new interior and save money for the next renovation. With wallpaper, the situation is different: it is much easier to dismantle and replace them with new ones..
  • Natural material has always been “in value” – in the literal sense of the word. Finishing with this material is quite expensive. To be objective, the wallpaper is much cheaper: at the same time, if it is made of really high quality, then at first glance it is rather difficult to distinguish wallpaper from natural material..
  • In addition, in order to decorate a room with a stone, you need to make a lot of effort: with wallpaper in this regard it is easier – glued and forgot.

Stone wallpaper (video)

Stone wallpaper in the hallway: an excellent choice for lovers of natural materials

There are situations when you already have an idea in your head related to a stone of a specific shape: of course, it is rather difficult to find a natural stone that meets your expectations. With wallpaper made of stone, you can pick up almost any shape or color, which may not even exist. This is also a significant advantage of imitation..

This simple finishing material can be the basis for your hallway design. This simple finishing material can be the basis for your hallway design.

The best quality is fiberglass wallpaper, which is very durable, easy to clean and uses natural materials. Among the shortcomings, one can single out the fact that they are heavy and can come off over time; and also the fact that they must be painted: at the same time, painting requires a lot of paint and material.

Another design option: wallpaper with bricks for the hallway

Brick-like wallpaper was popular in our country back in the last century: unfortunately, at that time the wallpaper was of poor quality, there was not a lot of choice. Today, these problems have been solved: now you can find a lot of wallpapers of various tones and quality. Wallpaper with bricks is well suited for the hallway: they make the interior of any hallway more elegant and interesting.

Combinations of stone wallpaper with wallpaper in pastel colors will be interesting. Combinations of stone wallpaper with pastel-colored wallpaper will be interesting.

In addition to the hallway, this type of wallpaper is suitable for any other room..

Now there are a huge number of thematic collections that are dedicated to brick wallpaper: everyone can choose something suitable for themselves.

Decorating the hallway with decorative stone and wallpaper

If you have the means and desire to have a piece of nature in your apartment, then decorative stone trim is suitable for you. There are two types of artificial stones: gypsum and artificial concrete. It is much easier to work with gypsum stone, you can easily cut out the shape you need from it. It will be much heavier with a stone made of artificial concrete, but it is almost twice cheaper: and for some people, the price is the main factor in choosing the right material.

Depending on your preference for decorative stone, you can choose gypsum or artificial concrete. Depending on your preference for decorative stone, you can choose gypsum or artificial concrete.

This finish also has its drawbacks: practically, the same drawbacks as in natural stone:

  • Decorating with a decorative stone cannot be called cheap: it is also very expensive..
  • Artificial stone is very cold: many people don’t like it very much.
  • Some artificial stones do not like high temperatures: it is important to choose a stone based on its future purpose, room and other factors.

DIY stone wallpaper in the hallway (video)

If you are a nature lover, then you have two options for how you can decorate your hallway: you can decorate it with expensive decorative stone, or its alternative – high-quality wallpaper. If you have enough funds, you should not immediately purchase the most expensive material, ignoring ordinary wallpapers: after all, they also have their advantages, which were voiced earlier. First, you should analyze all available information, market, assortment, and only then buy something. Your choice will always be correct: after all, the most important thing is that the purchased product is liked, first of all, by you.

Enjoy the shopping!

Stone wallpaper in the hallway (photo)