Durable metal stairs: 30 photos and calculation

Metal stairs are very reliable and durable structures Metal stairs are very reliable and durable structures Quite often, inside the house they are used to installing wooden stairs, but today many people prefer metal. Due to the technical properties of the metal, staircase structures are more stable. A ready-made staircase, bought from a company or with the help of advertisements, can serve for many years.

Strong iron ladder for everyone

If you have certain skills and knowledge, a metal ladder can be made with your own hands. To do this, you will need a welding machine, properly constructed construction drawings, taking into account the section of the structure, KMD documentation and knowledge of how to use it correctly and a site of approximately 1x3m or 2x5m.

Metal stairs are divided into external and internal. They differ from each other only in their location. Also, metal stairs are subdivided according to the manufacturing method. There is a U-, L-shaped, type-setting and non-separable design.

Forged or welded structures can be made of metal. Forged products are made much more difficult and longer, but welded products are much easier and do not require special skills. The most reliable and durable frame iron staircase is considered.

Frameworks are of two types:

  • Open;
  • Closed.

The open frame is always visible. Such a design, when carrying out work, requires careful cleaning and grinding of the seams. After assembly, the surface of the open frame must be painted according to the appropriate rules. The second type of construction is much simpler, since after assembly it hides under the cladding materials. To make it, you only need a channel, corners and the necessary construction tools.

Frames for iron stairs are of open and closed types. Frames for iron stairs are open and closed.

Steel staircase structures have certain technological characteristics that must comply with the requirements of GOST 25772.

There are also certain requirements that any metal staircase must meet. First of all, it is the mass of the load. Despite its shape and size, a metal staircase should be lightweight. Also, the assembly and installation process should be simple. When creating metal stairs, standard calculations and design are applied, which are used for the manufacture of concrete structures.

The design must take into account the mandatory technical parameters:

  1. Width is 90 cm.
  2. Step height 15-18 cm.
  3. Depth of steps about 35 cm.
  4. The angle of inclination should be constant throughout the flight, approximately 30-40ᵒ;
  5. The distance between the fence posts is taken no more than 12-15 cm.
  6. The ladder structure must be able to withstand a weight of 100 kg or more.

A correctly assembled iron staircase will look harmonious in any interior. Designers offer their clients options for staircase designs, the design of which is striking in its originality. Stairs are in great demand, on which stands for flowers are placed or LED lighting is mounted. Decorative metal stairs are installed to decorate cottages and private houses. For the summer residence, compact spiral staircases are used, which give the structure a certain romance and mystery, and attic LSF.

Durable metal stairs for the whole family

In any house with several floors, a staircase is a necessity..

It should fit into the overall interior, as well as perform the function of lifting and moving between floors..

Today, many owners prefer to install a metal staircase in their home. A private house often has enough space to install a large and beautiful staircase..

A metal staircase installed in the house must be strong and safe A metal staircase installed in the house must be strong and safe

There are some types of metal stairs that are installed in the house:

  1. The modular design is popular for its versatility and variety of styles. Most often, they are prefabricated. Such a ladder is assembled independently, without the involvement of a specialist, in a matter of hours.
  2. The spiral staircase is installed in narrow rooms with a small area. It can be square or round. Easy to install, does not crack. Has a low cost.
  3. The marching staircase made of metal is equipped with a platform and a march. It is possible to carry out the device of this type of stairs in any room, regardless of the size of the area. Differs in stability and safety.
  4. The combined type is made to order according to an individual drawing, for example, at Epicenter. It has a special design, it will be expensive to fix something in the future. Installation depends on the complexity of the project.
  5. Winder stairs have rotary parts of flights, on which winder steps are installed.

In order for the staircase structures to be beautiful and safe enough, it is necessary to supplement them with fences. Forged models will look spectacular. They are striking with their flowing lines and openwork pattern. For simpler ideas, cold forging from ordinary iron rods is suitable. A more expensive option is obtained by making supports by hot forging. Handrails made of aluminum or stainless steel also look great. For greater effect, metal can be combined with plastic or glass railings..

Why material is chosen carefully for metal stairs

As you know, metal is a material that has excellent properties. Products made of iron, steel or aluminum are characterized by high strength and longevity. Metal ladders last much longer than wooden ladders.

There are several material options that can be used to make a metal staircase:

  • Steel;
  • Cast iron;
  • Aluminum;
  • Bronze (used to make fences);
  • Iron.

If a metal staircase is planned to be installed on the street, it is not recommended to use steel sheet for its manufacture..

The main types of materials used to create metal stairs are: steel, cast iron, iron and aluminum The main types of materials used to create metal stairs are: steel, cast iron, iron and aluminum

In cold weather, ice can form on it, and the stairs become unsafe..

If you plan to manufacture metal steps, it should be noted that the thickness of one step must be at least 3 mm. For safety, a special coating should be applied to the metal surface. Railings and supports are also recommended to be made of steel or any other metal. For these purposes, it is possible to use a profile pipe or reinforcing rods. The support pipe will have to withstand a large load, for this reason, its diameter must be at least 35-75 mm. It is better to cover all metal structures with a special anti-corrosion paint, this will help to extend the service life.

Basic elements of metal stairs for completing

In order to independently install a metal staircase, you need to have an idea of ​​what parts the structure consists of..

All elements of metal structures have their own function and purpose, the exclusion of even one element is critical.

For the ladder to be reliable and look appropriate, all connections are important..

Ladder accessories must be made of very durable metal Ladder accessories must be made of very durable metal

Accessories for metal stairs:

  • Kosour is an inclined beam and has a load-bearing function;
  • A bowstring is a supporting part, similar to a stringer;
  • Baluster;
  • Central support;
  • The steps have component parts – a tread and a riser;
  • Bolza – large bolts that hold the steps together;
  • Railings, posts and handrails.

All supporting parts are made of the most durable metal, which allows the staircase to withstand heavy loads. Cladding and cladding of the stairs is made from a variety of materials, in accordance with the planned design.

We use metal corners for the stairs for the good

The metal staircase is based on corners, channels and I-beam components. The corners are a very important part of the steps. They are used for fastening steps. Made of plastic, aluminum, brass or wood. Corner thresholds are also very popular. But, most often, an aluminum profile and a notch are used..

Such a part performs several functions at the same time:

  • Provides anti-slip;
  • Protects steps from cracking and chipping;
  • Performs the function of fastening;
  • Sometimes necessary, as finishing the appearance of the steps.

For safety, corners made of soft rubber are used, which, if necessary, can be easily replaced.

Metal corners for stairs perform several functions at the same time Metal corners for stairs perform several functions at the same time

When finishing with rubber corners, noise insulation increases.

In order to install a metal corner, you must strictly follow the instructions. This will ensure the reliability of the staircase..

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Adjusting the profile to size using a special saw;
  2. Holes are drilled on the corner, in accordance with the marks on the steps;
  3. Treatment of the profile with a sealant according to the instructions;
  4. Fastening the profile to the step with screws.

If everything is done correctly, the steps last much longer..

Necessary calculation of metal stairs and parameters

In order to competently create staircase projects yourself, it is necessary to make the correct calculation. In each individual case, drawings are being worked out based on calculations of the optimal parameters for the location of steps and supports. The drawing shows vertical and horizontal projections..

The diagram of the future staircase consists of:

  1. The number of steps is calculated approximately based on the length of the span;
  2. The step of the stairs determines the distance when going up or down. GOST sets the standard – 60-65 cm.
  3. The tread width determines the depth of the step.
  4. The riser height is the distance allotted for the step;
  5. The length of the step is the width of the staircase itself.

Before making a staircase, you need to create a drawing and make calculations. Before making a staircase, you need to create a drawing and make calculations.

There are other payment methods..

In order not to worry about designing stairs for a long time, many manufacturers use special computer resources..

Any factory for the production of staircase structures uses a special program called Revit. The program creates a layout of the future staircase in dwg format. An online calculator will help you calculate and build a drawing.

Application of external metal stairs and requirements for them

Sometimes it happens that you can get to the second floor or the attic only across the street. For this, external staircases are being built. Also, such ladders are installed for fire safety purposes..

Basically, these types of stairs are used for:

  • For lifting to the attic;
  • For easy access to the high porch of the veranda or any other building;
  • For evacuation in case of fire in industrial buildings;
  • An emergency exit, the door of which is located above ground level.

External metal stairs must be stable and reliable External metal stairs must be stable and reliable

The basic requirements for outdoor stairs are also spelled out in regulatory documents. First of all, the structure must be strong and stable. Facade stairs must have high wear-resistant characteristics.

Experts say that metal structures are the most reliable and durable. And also the metal ladder is fire-resistant, due to the properties of the metal.

Metal has advantages and features that provide the structure with a long service life and high resistance to mechanical damage and any other external factors..

Installation of a metal staircase with a turn of 90ᵒ and its manufacture

There is another interesting type of staircase with a turn, which combines several types of structures. This is a combination of a spiral and a flight staircase. Such models can be found on a ship or yacht. This view is installed in the corner of a small room or in the central part of the room. In the first version, the load is transferred to the wall, and in the second, the structure is supported by load-bearing beams. Also, a staircase with a turn is installed with three spans, they look like corners curved at an angle of 90ᵒ.

Calculations for a metal staircase with a 90 degree turn must be very accurate so that the staircase does not turn out to be too steep. Calculations for a metal staircase with a 90 degree turn must be very accurate so that the staircase does not turn out to be too steep.

Manufacturing and installation is carried out in the following order:

  1. Manufacturing and fastening of load-bearing beams;
  2. Installation of a support post;
  3. Manufacturing of steps;
  4. The steps are attached to the beams with special pins;
  5. Balusters are inserted into the beams;
  6. Handrail installation.

For the convenient use of such an unusual staircase, you should look at the description of the building rules that are in the SNiP. You can also view typical drawings, which indicate all the required dimensions..

Calculations must be carried out correctly, otherwise there is a risk of making stairs too steep.

Metal staircase (video)

Today, the production of metal stairs is very large, and the market offers a wide range. They are stationary, internal, and external. Made entirely of metal or decorated with composite boards. Prefabricated metal stairs are divided into home, country and industrial. Inspection by specialists showed that metal stairs are the most reliable.

Detail: metal stairs (photo examples)