A beautiful spiral staircase: the main decoration of any home

Spiral staircases look great in any interior, regardless of its style Spiral staircases look great in any interior, regardless of its style.There are various types of staircase models for a house or a cottage, they can be divided into the main types: marching stairs (can be single-march and multi-march), rotary, spiral, folding ladder with a hatch for climbing an attic space, it can be especially relevant for a summer residence. In addition, there are also bolt stairs, where the steps are attached to special bolts. There are also semi-screw stairs, semi-circle stairs. Recently, the spiral staircase is gaining great popularity and, perhaps, this can be attributed to the popularity of such a book as “The Spiral Staircase” by the famous English writer Lina White Ethel.

Spiral staircase: construction

An ordinary person associates a spiral staircase with stairs in some tower of a princess, or in a tower of various historical films about crusaders or kings. Spiral staircases are one of the most beautiful models. Such a structure is usually used as an interfloor structure, especially for connecting the first and second floors. Less commonly, it can be seen as a staircase to the attic..

To improve the safety of the spiral staircase, it should be equipped with a handrail. To improve the safety of the spiral staircase, it should be equipped with a handrail.

A spiral staircase, like any other, consists of standard elements that remain the same regardless of the size and material from which the staircase is made:

  1. Central pillar. Serves for fastening steps.
  2. Steps. They can be made from various materials. Necessarily a semicircular shape. Rectangular will not work.
  3. Railing. Most often, they serve not only as a security measure, but also as a special decorative element. They can be made from almost any material, it all depends on the wishes of the customer. However, some models of spiral staircases can be without railings..

Ladders can be ordered from specialists engaged in the construction of houses and staircases, as well as do it yourself.

And yet, everyone should carefully consider all the possible options before deciding to buy finished products or make a spiral staircase themselves..

Round stairs

The circular staircase, one of the lesser known names for spiral staircases, is based on what the final staircase looks like. If you look at it from above, then the whole structure will resemble a circle, moreover, it is in this geometric figure that the staircase turns out to be inscribed. That is why such staircases are often called round.

Round stairs can be made of metal or wood Round stairs can be made of metal or wood

There are several positive qualities of circular staircases, thanks to which many house designers give their preference to this particular type of staircase.:

  1. Compactness. One of the main advantages of these ladder models is its compactness compared to other types of ladders. For example, a wide flight staircase will take up a lot of space in your apartment or house, and a narrow spiral staircase design is so compact that it requires only small areas for its placement. That is why they can be used in a confined space, for example, somewhere in the corner of a room or corridor. The staircase can even fit if you only have a square platform with dimensions of 1200×1200.
  2. Installation. The manufacturer draws up detailed instructions for assembling the ladder. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can quickly and efficiently install and assemble the stairs. A properly assembled ladder will last a long time.
  3. Pricing is a nice price.
  4. Originality and harmony in the interior. Everyone who has ever seen round staircases will confirm that they are original and organically fit into any design, even if the living room became the place of their installation..

Vibration. Circular stairs have such an indicator as strong vibration, which in turn affects the strength of the fasteners in a negative way. As you can see, there are many more pluses than minuses. In addition, various measures aimed at preventing wear of fasteners and working on the safety of households can help to cope with the minuses..

Scopes of spiral cast iron stairs

Cast iron is associated with grandma’s pans and massive gates leading to old houses or museums. Few people know that cast iron is also used for the manufacture of stairs and, in particular, for spiral ones. Cast iron stairs are as beautiful as their sisters made of wood or other materials..

Spiral cast-iron stairs look great in a classic-style interior Spiral cast-iron stairs look great in a classic-style interior

Cast iron stairs are often used as:

  1. Street stairs. If you walk around the ancient cities of the world that have preserved the architecture of distant eras, you can find a large number of various cast-iron spiral staircases right on the street and there are many reasons for this, which we will tell you about a little later..
  2. Homemade. A monolithic cast-iron circular staircase will look good in the lobby of a large house or multi-storey cottage. And due to the fact that beautiful cast openwork details make it outwardly quite airy, one such staircase can already become a full-fledged design solution for decorating a hall or hallway.

So, many believe that spiral stairs can only be useful in a private house, but as it turns out, stairs of this type can be installed on the street without fear that it will quickly become unusable. There is one good reason for this: cast iron is the material from which products can resist for a long time even the most unfavorable weather conditions (rain, snow, icing, abnormal heat, sudden temperature changes from high to low and vice versa), as well as a large amount mechanical damage. In addition, cast-iron spiral staircases, their carved elements perfectly resist processes such as corrosion and decay. Having decorated the end of your house or any building in the garden, you can be sure that the enthusiastic views and reviews of neighbors and guests will not keep you waiting long.

Finished spiral staircases: manufacturers

As a rule, many people purchase ready-made products. In this case, it remains only to carry out the installation of the staircase and enjoy its appearance and functionality..

In the vastness of our country, there are a large number of manufacturing firms and factories engaged in the manufacture and sale of ready-made spiral staircases:

  1. City Glass. Based in the city.
  2. AVSP Group. Production is based in Kirov, at the beginning of the distant 2007 and during this time has earned the respect and love of a large number of the population of Russia, thanks to high-quality products made of metals, as well as sapphire and silicate tempered glass.
  3. OOO Lesenka has been known on the market since 2003. Her homeland is Samara. Mainly works on making wooden stairs.

Before buying a spiral staircase from a particular manufacturer, you should read reviews about the quality of its products on the Internet. Before buying a spiral staircase from a particular manufacturer, you should read reviews about the quality of its products on the Internet.

This is a small list of existing manufacturers who have been able to prove themselves from the best side, thanks to excellent quality and beautiful products. The finished staircase can be prefabricated. Of the popular models, the Cascade model can be distinguished, which is produced in a color range: beige, white, black, antique silver. Also, the Pragmatic model is popular.

It is worth mentioning that there is a special TEP system. The abbreviation stands for territorial unit prices in construction. This is a system of normative estimates for the prices of construction work in the Russian Federation.

DIY programs for designing a spiral staircase

In order to design a spiral staircase on your own, you should first decide for yourself what kind of basis it will have.

It could be:

  1. Support post / rod. The classic option is the technology of fastening the steps of the staircase around the central post, in addition, the steps and handrails can be fastened both to the post and to the wall. Reliable system.
  2. Ladders without support pillar. Basically, these are wooden stairs. For these types, there are special types of step fastening. Most often, this is a fastener on a bowstring or a fence, which can itself be attached either to the walls with some of its parts, or only to the ceiling and floor.

And only after the question of fastening and construction of the stairs is resolved, you can start working in the assistant program for designing.

You can design a spiral staircase using the StairCon program You can design a spiral staircase using the StairCon program

Without it, it will be too difficult to correctly calculate all the dimensions of the future spiral staircase..

Most often, AutoCAD is used from the programs. Projects will be saved in dwg format. Also, if you decide to take examples of work from other resources, for example, torrent resources, you should also look for files with this type of format. In addition, there are many online tutorials. The program will allow you to see the staircase in section and design will be easier.

Steps for spiral staircases

Ladder components must be top notch.

Consider what materials can be used to create steps for spiral staircases:

  1. Wood. This is a classic option, especially for stairs that you want to make yourself..
  2. Cast iron. They can only be made in production. Openwork steps like lace.
  3. Glass. The glass spiral staircase will not only be original, but will also fit perfectly into a small room without visually reducing its space. And yet, working with glass requires its own safety precautions..

The steps of spiral staircases should not be narrow, so that it is convenient and safe to climb and descend on them. The steps of spiral staircases should not be narrow, so that it is convenient and safe to climb and descend on them.

And yet, if we are talking about circular staircases, it is worth mentioning not only the indisputable advantages of these staircase structures, but also the existing disadvantages. Difficulty in manufacturing. This is especially worth remembering for those who decided to build such a staircase with their own hands. The manufacture of a spiral staircase is accompanied by difficulties even in large production. This is due to the fact that spiral staircase structures require special design from manufacturers in AutoCAD – this is a special program for the development, calculation and design of various models.

How to make a spiral staircase

Materials necessary for work can be purchased at Ikea stores. If you are making a metal outdoor staircase, then it is better to create a structure with fastenings on kosoura, so it will be more stable and durable.

May be:

  • One central stringer;
  • Two stringers.

There are model round stairs on the central stringer. For outdoor stairs, decorative panels are perfect..

Before you start making a spiral staircase, you should watch a training video and study the recommendations of specialists Before you start making a spiral staircase, you should watch a training video and study the recommendations of specialists.

Convenience. As everyone knows, any ladder should be comfortable for the descent and ascent of a person of any age, as well as, as practice shows, for descent with its help of various objects, ranging from children’s toys during the game, and ending with something more dimensional. This is where spiral staircases are inferior to other types of staircase structures. Few can say that the procedure for descending any large object along a round staircase is a convenient procedure. Unfortunately, everything is exactly the opposite..

We begin to install a spiral staircase

To install the stairs, there is a need for ceiling openings, this can be laid initially at the first stages of construction in the construction plan.

The opening is necessary for the possibility of lifting a person from one floor to another, this is required by the device of a spiral staircase.

Even a small hallway or a room with a suitable area for installation is suitable. In addition, if you are doing the installation yourself, then you should take a special set of fasteners, corners, screws and tools.

DIY spiral staircase (video)

The manufacture of a spiral staircase is not an easy task and requires high-quality training at all levels, from the selection of a staircase model that is suitable for the interior and the needs of households, and ending with the selection of high-quality building material. Modular staircases, unlike spiral staircases, require more space.

Detail: spiral staircases (photo examples)