Original beaded panel with your own hands

Beadwork is quite expensive: you can save a lot by creating your own panel from this material Beaded products are quite expensive: you can save a lot by creating your own panel from this material According to historical drawings, one can note the fact that people used such accessories as beads, only earlier they were made from scrap materials, for example, animal bones. Beads are something that many needlewomen use, since bead embroidery is considered the most popular activity..

Do-it-yourself beaded panel on the wall

Only true needlewomen can know the real price of beads, which are sometimes compared to pearls and many precious stones. It is important that beads are translated exactly as pearls. In past centuries, only wealthy boyars could buy beads, since it cost a lot and the common people simply could not afford it. Beading came precisely from the nobles, as well as from their wards of peasants, who were always located near their owners. In those days, products, clothes began to be sheathed, and even the very first pictures from beads began to be created. In many history museums, you can see products of the past, ornaments made by hand and found in castles and palaces.

Drawings with flowers will look the most beautiful. Drawings with flowers will look the most beautiful.

Pictures, icons were embroidered with beads, with its help interior items were woven, as well as lambrequins for curtains.

Now practically nothing has changed, since this material is used for the same purpose, but mainly in factories, since manual work is extremely rare..

Glass beads are called beads, beads with a facet of the most various shapes and types. And it looks mostly transparent and shiny. Beads can be metal, plastic and porcelain. Naturally, their cost depends on their type and type, but what cannot be done for needlework and decorating your own home. With the help of beads, clothes, hats and even shoes are now trimmed, and now it is considered the trend of the season..

Anyone can make a panel of beads flowers

The essence of beading is that beads are strung on threads or fishing lines according to a specific pattern..

The highest quality beads are made in the Czech Republic The highest quality beads are made in the Czech Republic

In order to master the technique of such work, you should have:

  • Patience;
  • The desire to get a beautiful and chic product;
  • Beads;
  • Lock for the product;
  • A needle corresponding to the size of the bead connector;
  • You may also need scissors, matches, and a thimble.

You need to work in a well-lit place, and lay the beads on a fine-fleece fabric so that the beads do not scatter on the table. At first, it is worth doing weaving small accessories, such as pendants, flowers and leaves. They can hone the most basic principles of work and get the result much faster than from making a panel on a wall of flowers.

Beading or beading will appeal to both adults and children, in particular both men and women, and therefore you can visit MK to work with such material with the whole family.

The opinion that only women can do such a thing is considered erroneous. In fact, working with beads requires special precision and maximum concentration, which is true for the representatives of the strong half of humanity and for women. It is worth noting that beading or forming mosaics from beads is useful for relaxation and relieving stress, as well as in order to develop motor skills. fingers in children.

As a frame for the panel, you can use a regular wooden picture frame As a frame for the panel, you can use a regular wooden picture frame

The development of motor skills primarily affects the mind, and therefore it is worth taking care of it from childhood. You can deal with beads with children from the age of five, since this is the very age when the baby becomes serious, responsible and can really understand what is required of him.

In order to make, for example, a New Year’s panel with your own hands, you need to prepare:

  • Several types of beads;
  • Wire;
  • Floral tape to mask the wire;
  • Frame of a panel for embroidery with beads.

In addition, you will need a tool to cut the wire and burn it. Often, when beading, special lamps are used, which help to concentrate on work..

How to make a flower from beads with your own hands (video)

Panel from beads master class

In the manufacture of such a product as a panel of beads, MK should be studied clearly and correctly, since compliance with the instructions directly depends on whether the desired object will turn out or not..

In order for the process of embroidering a picture with your own hands to be competent, initially it is worth preparing every detail. If we are talking about a panel with flowers, then each flower must be embroidered separately and only after that fixed to the general background..

In order for the panel to look spectacular, you should create large flowers In order for the panel to look spectacular, you should create large flowers

It is important to remember that the technique for making each flower is completely different, and requires work, patience and painstaking work, since it will not be possible to create a gorgeous panel in a couple of days.

There are certain instructions and diagrams for wall panels, which must be followed as strictly as possible..

A master class on making a panel with flowers from beads includes many gradually completed stages:

  1. In order for beaded roses to be more natural and attractive, it is worth not only making the bud itself separately from the general picture, but also trimming each petal with special care. To obtain a luxurious flower, you need to type 9 beads on a wire of 60 centimeters for twisting in the form of a drop. To secure, you need to wind the wire twice along the axis.
  2. After that, another 18 beads are collected and the winding is repeated. Since beads in most cases can have different sizes, it is worth paying attention to ensure that each subsequent row is twice as wide as the previous one. For greater accuracy, you can measure it with a wire. Each petal needs 60 beads.
  3. After the formation of each petal, you can start collecting the bud. The number of petals can be chosen according to your own preference, but it is important to get three large flowers. The petals should be bent outward, which will be easy, since the frame on which the beads are strung is a wire. The petals are connected to each other by threads, but so that they cannot be seen.
  4. The next stage is the preparation of sheets for decorating the panel. It is made of green beads. For manufacturing, you need to put 7 beads on a wire of 60 centimeters, then wrap the tip around the axis and wrap it 4 times.
  5. Ideally, 24 leaves are required, after which they are connected three pieces in one place. If you wish, you can dilute the design of the panel with sepals in the form of a clover flower..

Panel from beads: master class (video)

The panel is assembled by screwing a thick wire in the form of a base onto the frame. Fastening can be carried out in various ways, since some use tape, others use wire knots. Before fastening, you need to collect all the products together. Not a bad option for preliminary fitting can be the application of each element to its rightful place, and only after that it is worth gradually sewing on the blanks. Flowers can be placed in a very different order, as you want, since there is no definite rule for such an action. In those places where the wire will be visible, it is worth laying masking tape. As soon as the work is completed, the panel is hung on the wall. It is not recommended to put such paintings under glass, since it will not turn out to be an even and beautiful panel..

Examples of panels made of beads (photo)