Sustainable solid wood kitchen: a classic of choice

Solid wood kitchen looks stylish and noble Solid wood kitchen looks stylish and noble A kitchen is not a room whose design does not really matter. Even in storage cages, modern owners strive to be original, to perfectly arrange everything in its place. And the kitchen is a strategic object, where furniture should be of good quality, preferably made of natural material, and the same design, I would like it not to limp.

You can definitely rely on a solid wood kitchen in this regard. And even the most modest outwardly kitchen made of beech, pine or oak, especially one made by hand, will be an interior decoration.

Natural solid kitchen

This is the most obvious example of an elegant classic that will not go out of fashion for a long time. And if you still have doubts whether a kitchen from such an array can become a decoration of your apartment, just go through the list of the obvious advantages of the design..

A solid natural wood kitchen has the following advantages:

  • Modern furniture is not afraid of temperature extremes, moisture attacks, or mold – it undergoes excellent processing with special impregnations and antiseptic;
  • It is easy to care for it – a damp cloth is enough, and occasionally – a soap solution;
  • In both large and small spaces, a solid wood kitchen can easily blend harmoniously into the interior;
  • Outwardly, such furniture looks noble, elegant, and modern design allows it to remain stylish..

A functional kitchen made of natural solid oak will last a very long time A functional kitchen made of natural solid oak will last a very long time

You can buy ready-made, for example, corner kitchens based on solid wood, you can also build an amazing structure with your own hands.

Solid wood kitchen furniture

It is worth considering separately how exactly the array will be used for the kitchen, and what kind of wood suits your preferences.

Which array to choose for the kitchen:

  • Solid birch kitchen. In their pure form, such kitchens are less common, yet manufacturers rely on combined kitchens made of solid birch, where other materials are also used. Outwardly, these headsets turn out to be quite original, but the quality is also beyond doubt..
  • Solid beech wood kitchens. Why does the manufacturer love beech kitchens, because this breed is easy to tint. That is, if you have any strict color preferences, choose beech furniture, and the master will be able to satisfy your wishes. And the reviews about beech kitchens are rave.
  • Solid pine kitchens. Strong, noble, durable. The most important difference between such kitchens is a special wood pattern, in this such a kitchen even surpasses designs made of beech and some noble species..
  • Solid ash kitchens. Ash is a light, fresh, if I may say so, breed. So if you want to let more sun into your kitchen, choose an ash tree.
  • Solid Cherry Kitchens. The shade of this wood is beautiful in itself, self-sufficient, so the design of such a kitchen should not be overloaded with decor..

An ash-tree kitchen will be an excellent option for a small room. An ash-tree kitchen will be an excellent option for a small room. Solid birch is very soft and pliable in processing Solid birch is very soft and pliable in processing

By purchasing a kitchen, the array of which is both valuable and well-processed, you are investing profitably – a kitchen made of beech, pine, cherry and other species will last a very long time.

How to draw up a kitchen design project

You can use online services, which will eventually give you a finished design project. But many of these programs require financial investments, so do not be surprised if the service asks you to fork out a little..

If you don’t really want to resort to Internet technologies, the project can be done entirely by hand. But one cannot do without certain knowledge. First, you must make the most accurate measurements possible. Secondly, remember from the school drawing course the basics of scaling. Finally, you will have to look at more than one project, examples of which will give a general understanding of how a design project is modeled..

There are many online designers, and among them there are those where you create a design project for free. This does not mean that the program is bad, you simply cannot create an author’s project with it – they use ready-made furniture items from catalogs of well-known manufacturers. But even such a design project can become a good basis..

Solid birch kitchen (video)

Solid wood kitchens from the manufacturer: who to trust

According to the old habit of doubting the quality of the products of a domestic manufacturer, someone may not even consider the furniture produced by Russia at all. But Italian furniture and other global importers often just sell you the brand. Russia often uses the same technology as the Italians.

Belarusian kitchens, standard and corner ones, are also in great demand, designers can present a project that is also outwardly not inferior to Western counterparts..

So kitchen sets marked “Russia” or other designation of the country where it was produced are definitely not inferior to world brands in many respects, but somewhere they bypass them. Of course, domestic brands must have a good reputation, please pay attention to this.

Solid wood kitchen production: what’s in fashion now

Yes, and classics can also be fashionable, or they can be inferior to other styles in appearance. The production of solid wood kitchens today must follow current trends.

In vogue now:

  • Country style kitchens – cozy, comfortable, the appearance of which is rather sentimental, but sweet for its simplicity;
  • Modern kitchens with simplified shapes and lines, accentuated functionality and minimal decor;
  • Kitchens in the combination of natural materials – a combination of stone, wood and metal, a rather expensive construction, but the appearance is impressive.

Corner kitchens have been popular for a long time Corner kitchens have been popular for a long time

Corner kitchens are in high demand again as space savings come to the fore.

DIY kitchen from solid wood

This is a rather complicated process – to make a kitchen out of wood with your own hands. You cannot do without some experience, but the process is simplified by the fact that you can purchase ready-made parts. That is, you yourself will draw up a drawing, but you do not need to cut the material – you give the data to specialists, and they supply you with ready-made parts that you just have to assemble.

Assembly in this case is easy to do, high-quality fasteners and a good tool will help you do everything quickly and reliably.

If you purchase kitchen facades, you still need to process them with your own hands..

Any wood requires appropriate processing Any wood requires appropriate processing

Processing of kitchen facades, the mass of which is natural:

  • Facades are treated with wood stain;
  • Everything should dry thoroughly;
  • Grind all irregularities with sandpaper;
  • Re-treat it with a stain, let it dry;
  • Secondary processing with sandpaper;
  • Final wood varnish.

Do-it-yourself furniture from the same beech, cherry or pine is in no way inferior to factory furniture. Moreover, finishing options are multiplying – with your own hands you can decorate furniture in such a way that no one will find anything similar in the store..

It is convenient to make corner kitchens with your own hands – they are small, little material will go to them. You work with an online designer, order cutting of parts from specialists, and then just assemble corner kitchens.

Do-it-yourself kitchen facades from solid wood (video)

Solid beech, pine or other wood is, as before, an excellent material for the production of furniture. And if you value the durability of things, the nobility of their appearance, then a wooden kitchen is definitely a good idea..

Solid wood kitchens in the interior (photo gallery)