Stylish interior: kitchen living room in an ordinary apartment

The bar counter has always been the ideal zone for rooms with combined functionality. The bar counter has always been an ideal zonator for rooms with combined functionality. The kitchen-living room as a single room is a design solution that will surprise no one today. But you can amaze in an interesting way such a combination of rooms. For example, your apartment is one-room, while the kitchen is quite large. It makes sense to make a living room in the kitchen, or simply combine two in one room. Thus, a free room will remain in the apartment, which can be used for other purposes..

The interior of the combined room in the house should be as practical and quite original as possible, because nothing should be left out, and both beginnings should be felt in the same room.

How to equip a kitchen-living room

In such a room there will be three main zones, this is the first important point. What are these zones?

In small rooms, the dining area can be limited to a bar counter In small rooms, the dining area can be limited to a bar counter


  • Kitchen area. There will be a kitchen set, as well as a sink and all that you need, household appliances. Without this zone, such a combined room, of course, is, in principle, impossible in an apartment..
  • Dinner Zone. This means at least a table and chairs. Otherwise, you can say – the dining area in the house.
  • Rest zone. At a minimum, this is a sofa and a coffee table. Of course, you can include both a TV (usually on the wall) and a computer in this interior..

The most important idea of ​​such a combination is the design of the zones in the same style, so that they get a single room in the apartment. The most important idea of ​​such a combination is the design of the zones in the same style, so that they get a single room in the apartment.

But if we digress from the fact that initially you transform the kitchen space into what is popularly called the hall, but simply by repairing (demolishing the wall) connected the kitchen with the living room. What then? Then it’s easier for you to install a zoner.

The most preferred zonator today is the shelving. Because they divide the room into zones, and are practical in themselves. On the shelves you can store some kind of kitchen utensils, boxes, baskets or just various beautiful things..

Ideas for the kitchen-living room

Also, the combined space can zone the dining area. That is, tables and chairs. And here it is also very important that their design coincides with the concept of the interior of all parts of the room. That he, as they say, was “both yours and ours”.

An unusual but stylish zoner can be a rack or an aquarium. An unusual but stylish zoner can be a rack or an aquarium.

In this case, it is good if the furniture from the recreation area is in harmony with the kitchen set in color. Then there is no need at all for a strict correspondence of the table to the rest of the elements in the apartment. You can consider these ideas with examples in more detail..

Compatibility of interior items:

  • For example, you have purchased a kitchen set made of solid wood in a naturally light color. Try to find elements for the sofa area of ​​the same shades, or colors that are in tune with them. Of course, the wallpaper should not resonate with these interior elements. Then the dining area does not have to merge with these two opposite parts, which it separates. The table and chairs can be darker, but colors of contrasts are also not needed. And also if the natural color scheme, pastel dominates in the appearance of the room, it is foolish to purchase metallic tables and chairs, or glass + plastic. Let it be the same tree, only dark. This design will be logical.
  • Or red + metal kitchen set. And the sofa area is made in dark colors. Will the dining area be able to “make friends” these parts: It can, if it does not fall out of the strict color range. The brightness of the table is no longer so appropriate, and the red headset is enough. But here the table can match the metallic in the headset, and the chairs should only include some element of red. If you want the tables and chairs to be “friendly” with the sofa area, let them be a calm dark color, but literally a little lighter than the sofa. If the sofa, for example, is leather black, the table and chairs can be graphite..
  • If you want the dining area that zones the room to be the most striking element of this interior, first, make sure that the headset and sofa are of a fairly calm shade, even faded ones. For example, let them be dairy. Then the table can be taken with an interesting pattern, print, or unusual shape. Or let the chairs be with bright leather seat cushions, or variegated capes. Only you don’t need everything at once: either a table or chairs.
  • Lighting over the dining area. Lighting is also an excellent zonator. Think about its design, scheme. In the evening, lighting can divide the space perfectly. A large lamp in a vintage shade above the table is classic lighting. Or LEDs, or a fancy pattern on the ceiling above the table made of small bulbs. In short, evening lighting can be a great find in interior zoning..

Particularly noteworthy are the wallpapers in the combined room..

Kitchen combined with a living room (video)

Wallpaper for the living room-kitchen

Many owners are tormented by guesses whether the incredibly fashionable now Provencal-style wallpaper, in a small flower, in a house with such a combined room will be good? Of course they are! This is that trendy touch to the interior of a modern stylish apartment..

And also the wallpaper in the combined room:

  • Must be of good quality, after all, in the kitchen part they will have to be washed and cleaned more than once;
  • Stylish rather than trendy, after all, re-gluing wallpaper in such a huge space in a couple of years is not rational;
  • No large drawing – why do you need to visually reduce this room in the house again, if you have already specially combined it;
  • Should look good, if the lighting is on, do not leave the effect of yellow highlights and spots;
  • First of all, choose the wallpaper for the living room.. If the furniture and other interior details are correctly selected, the wallpaper in the kitchen part, let’s say, will take root.

Quality is the main criterion for choosing wallpaper for the kitchen-living room Quality is the main criterion for choosing wallpaper for the kitchen-living room

Of course, mainly, see that the quality of the wallpaper is undoubtedly good. They must be washed, cleaned, not fade. Cheap wallpaper will not last long, and the whole room will have to be re-glued. If you decide to paste over different zones with different wallpaper, you will have to zoning more carefully, and it is not easy to do without expert advice in each specific case..

Making openings between the kitchen and living room

You can equip a combined room in different ways. It has already been said about how important it is to choose the right lighting, what the table and chairs should be. But the decor of the openings between the living room and the kitchen, if they are combined this way, is also important..

In order not to visually clutter up the room, it is important to arrange it in the same style. In order not to visually clutter up the room, it is important to arrange it in the same style.

By the way, many people prefer to pay the greatest attention to just such parts of the interior. That is, the decor of the openings can become a highlight in the house..

And further examples of decor:

  • Spot lighting. For example, inside an arch. A good option if you don’t want some kind of bulky heaps. Lighting can be simple, modest, or more interesting, in any case, this idea deserves consideration..
  • Decorating the opening with artificial stone. The method is not new, but not one interior every day the owners decide to update in this way..
  • The original shape of the opening. This idea is more difficult to implement, but today they do it with their own hands..
  • Mosaic. Laying out a mosaic around the perimeter of the opening is also a good, rather modern idea. This is manual labor, which is more welcomed today than ever. And this is appropriate both in a large house and in a small apartment..

There should definitely be some kind of zone between the zones of the room. If you have forgiven shelves, dining rooms, and there is no doorway, let it be at least lighting – local lighting that will make your apartment the right accent.

Kitchen-living room in one room: from overhaul to decor (video)

Equipping such a living room with a kitchen space means allowing more spaciousness in your home. Do not be afraid of drastic measures, but draw up a detailed repair plan. Take inspiration from a photo on the Internet, save each picture you like in a separate daddy, and the repair will be successful.

Success in the transformation of housing!

Living room kitchen interior design (photo)