Juicy lime kitchens: extraordinary interior solutions

Do you want to add new colors to your kitchen interior? Try this lime color! Do you want to add new colors to your kitchen interior? Try to decorate it in lime color! Lime color has recently come into fashion as the color of interior decoration of rooms and has managed to fall in love with many people and designers as well. This color has a special fresh energy, creates a joyful mood and harmonizes perfectly with various interior styles..

What does lime color mean

Lime color, it is a bright green color of a light shade, it is associated with the exotic lime fruit. Lately, lime color has become trendy in the decoration and interior design of various rooms. This color is used for walls and ceilings, as well as lime-colored furniture..

The interior in lime color looks very fresh and stylish The interior in lime color looks very fresh and stylish

By choosing this color for decorating the kitchen, you will get a bright, light room that will contribute to a favorable atmosphere and a positive mood of its owners at any time of the year..

Lime color in the interior of the kitchen

The choice of the color of the kitchen interior is the main action in the process of renovation and design, because the kitchen is the room in which people visit most often and it is very important that it is pleasant to be in the kitchen.

The kitchen looks good and harmonious, in which the color of the furniture is combined with the color of the surfaces, but this does not mean at all that for the existing furniture it is necessary to choose certain colors of finishing the room and vice versa.

The big plus is that the lime color is combined with almost all other colors. The big plus is that the lime color is combined with almost all other colors.

As strange as it sounds, the lime color goes well with almost all furniture colors, creating a stylish room design.:

  1. By using lime-colored furniture in combination with light-colored wall surfaces and a kitchen backsplash, the room takes on a more conservative style, despite the brightness of the work surfaces..
  2. Combining the lime color on the walls and backsplash in the kitchen with light furniture surfaces, the kitchen room will look light, fresh, light.
  3. Lime color on the walls of the kitchen with a dark kitchen surface creates a stylish contrast, looks fashionable and stylish.
  4. A fully lime-colored kitchen will look very bright, you need to dilute it with other colors of furniture or appliances.

It should also be borne in mind that the color lime is a rich color, it is more suitable for active people, because it endlessly attracts attention..

Kitchen design in lime color (video)

Design directions with lime color

Lime color fits perfectly into any room style. Most successfully, this color dilutes the high-tech style space..

This style of interior always looks good in the kitchen, it suits the taste of most hostesses and adds a touch of modernity to the space of the room..

By adding lime-colored furniture to the high-tech style, the room will come out cozy, light and fashionable. Whether the kitchen is classic or constructivist, the lime color will cheer up this formal atmosphere. In addition, you can use lime color not only for furniture surfaces, but also for walls. Green wallpaper on the walls and lime-colored furniture will look very original. Well, if the country style reigns in the kitchen, the lime color will elegantly decorate the interior. In lime color, you can add interior details, such as curtains, chandeliers, rugs, appliances or decor.

Lime color is equally good for high-tech interior and for style. Lime color is equally good for high-tech interior and for style. "provence"

A kitchen in lime color and Provence style go well with each other, if you do not use the color for the whole kitchen, it is better to complement the room with details of this rich color, for example, paintings, curtains, partly the surfaces of the furniture. Combining multiple styles in a room using lime color is a winning solution for your kitchen.

Lime color in room design (video)

Lime color in the interior

As already mentioned, a kitchen entirely of lime color will look very bright and sharp, attract and even distract attention, so the color must be diluted with other tones..

White, light and pastel colors are ideally combined with lime color, and bright ones for contrast are also possible. Lime color of furniture must be combined with lighter wall decoration; beige, peach, white and honey colors are perfect for this, but household appliances can be green. When experimenting with style and color, the size of the kitchen must also be taken into account..

For small kitchens, lime color is suitable if diluted with warmer tones. For example, you can choose furniture in this color, and use pastel colors for wall decoration or wallpaper. So the space of the room will visually increase..

If the kitchen space is large, this is a great field for combining styles and colors, here you can use lime color in furniture, for wall surfaces and in decor..

It is advisable to dilute the lime color with inserts of other colors, for example yellow It is advisable to dilute the lime color with inserts of other colors, for example yellow

A kitchen entirely of lime color can be diluted with yellow furniture, which will create warmth and coziness of the room, for this you can use yellow chairs and cabinets. In addition, the kitchen set can be designed as a designer.

The Stolplit factory offers excellent kitchen furniture of any color and area of ​​the premises, whether it is a chic house or a small apartment.:

  1. A lime-colored kitchen combined with wenge-colored furniture is one of the most daring decisions of the last season. The perfect combination of vibrant lime color and dark wood, this is a good solution..
  2. Lime color can be everywhere, and on the walls, and on the floor, and even on the ceiling, but adding wenge-colored furniture to it, you get a bold contrast, and it does not matter whether the shade of wenge is light or dark.
  3. A corner kitchen requires a special approach if it is lime color. First, you need to take care of the surfaces and their color using light colors..
  4. An apron for the kitchen 1.8 meters should be done in light colors so as not to reduce the space visually, merging the room in one bright color.

Another design trend is gloss on kitchen surfaces. Lime color on the glossy surface of kitchen furniture looks simply charming, it refreshes the room and gives lightness. On a glossy surface, it is appropriate to use drawings and photo printing, thus decorating rooms without using unnecessary interior details. Lime colored glossy furniture can display fruits, vegetables and other elements. A green apple will look very stylish on the surface of kitchen furniture, the drawing will add contrast to the room and create a cheerful mood.

To create sharpness and contrast in the kitchen space, brighter colors can be used for both kitchen furniture and other surfaces..

Brown also goes well with lime. Brown also goes well with lime.

A bright rich red color goes well with the lime color. This color can be the countertops and doors of the kitchen unit, taking the lime color as a basis..

Purple or eggplant color looks no less impressive in combination with lime color, and a room in which these two colors are harmoniously combined will look light and cheerful, creating a positive mood.

To complete the design and to decorate the kitchen, you can use contrasting dishes and other kitchen utensils, for example, a tea set or a red bread box will very interestingly complement the interior and complete the design idea..

Lime kitchens (video)

If the hostess wants a lime-colored kitchen completely, now it is possible to purchase lime-colored utensils and household appliances, this will be an excellent solution for creating a stylish, fashionable and cozy kitchen atmosphere..

Lime kitchen design (photo)