Functional economy class kitchens from the manufacturer

Economy class kitchens are in great demand today Economy class kitchens are in great demand today According to tradition, economy class kitchens are a “national product”: they are in demand by wide segments of the population, affordable, unpretentious during operation. The minimum cost of kitchen kits is the most desirable development option for people with average incomes..

Ready-made economy class cuisine: pros and cons

The modern manufacturer has a rather creative approach to the development of model design. There is plenty to choose from, there is plenty to lay down an attractive interior. Based on the availability of the kitchen (economy class implies prices 3-4 times lower than those of the business category), people strive to save as much as possible on furniture. But accessibility also gives rise to some limitations. This moment, perhaps, is the main drawback that ready-made kitchens have.

Economy class kitchens (video)

What is an economy class kitchen from the manufacturer

In general, what should be understood by the term “economy” and why is it so “ingrained” into our consciousness?

Let’s figure it out:

  • In the manufacture of an economy kitchen, materials of low cost are used;
  • Not uncommon – plastic parts, but mainly plywood, chipboard (chipboard), veneer;
  • Holders and fastening mechanisms, hinges – everything is made of decent quality, but without any special “bells and whistles”;
  • The production cycle lacks sophisticated 3D technologies and other coating methods;
  • No expensive metal dusting, inlays, mosaic inserts, stylish curved glass, elegant stained-glass windows, etc.;
  • Practicality and convenience are paramount.

Such a list of characteristics clearly indicates that sets of inexpensive furniture are simple and democratic. Therefore, fans of a vibrant life are hardly pleased to contemplate something that is devoid of chic every day..

The advantage of economy kitchens in their low cost The advantage of economy kitchens in their low cost Typesetting economy kitchens allow you to concisely equip a small space Type-setting economy kitchens allow you to concisely equip a small space

But on the other hand, friends, it is appropriate to remind again about the prices. It is no secret that young families or people with low incomes solve the problem of arranging the kitchen space with the help of inexpensive kitchens. If a person has the financial opportunity, inexpensive kits, frankly speaking, can easily be, if not thrown away, then at least removed from the premises – given to someone or resold.

Kitchens for a small kitchen economy

Of the entire volume of inexpensive furniture, small models should be noted. We are talking about very small sizes, about 1.2×1.5 m (or 1.45×1.7, 1.3×1.65 and the like). They are designed for premises with an area of ​​5.8 – 7.4 sq. m.

Tiny kitchens exist in small, inexpensive apartments, and often play the role of temporary housing – while a person climbs the career ladder, his income gradually grows, but in the period of formation, an inexpensive ready-made kitchen is ideal for him – there is where to drink a cup of coffee every day in the morning and have dinner after work. Therefore, it is logical that there is no point in spending money on small, but too expensive furniture sets..

A custom-made kitchen will allow you to plan the space in the most rational way. A custom-made kitchen will allow you to plan the space in the most rational way.

This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why you can hardly find a tiny set in the business and premium categories. The only exceptions are situations when you need expensive furniture with all the signs of elite, but it is intended for furnishing a small coffee corner in the office of a company, where money is not particularly considered. Well, and the small area of ​​the utility room is only because in serious business systems the management does not encourage long “gatherings” at lunch.

Despite any material constraints (consistently low income, a large family, the need to give the lion’s share of salary for loans), an experimental vein always pulsates in a person. People want to periodically change the environment, give the interior new artistic sounds, somehow update.

Small economy class kitchens (video)

The real variability of economy cuisine

Only occasionally does the kitchen space limit the possibilities of transformation. Of course, at 4.2 sq. meters are unlikely to roam (such kitchens are typical of small-family hostels). And no one there especially strives for this – housing, most likely, is temporary.

However, already from 6.5-7.0 squares, a more spacious life begins: upon purchase, each element is able to move relative to each other, since the dimensions are typical! For example, with a width of 30, 60, 85 cm – please calculate and estimate where and what to put, and then change places with each other.

Supplementary furnishing ideas

In addition to the idea voiced above to deal with the rearrangement of typical elements, a ready-made kitchen from the manufacturer is always ready to play the role of an ally with an external design. By periodically changing the decor of the interior, you will thereby vary the look of the kitchen space, although at the same time the economy kitchen itself will remain unchanged every day (the same facades, the same fittings, the same gloss or the same matte, the same colors).

It should be noted that the concept of “economy” does not at all mean some kind of facelessness or cheapness..

Affordability is a consequence of mass production (that is, high demand leads to a decrease in cost). As for the quality, from day to day the user is convinced: before him are the most worthy examples of furniture construction, designed and created by good people for good people!

Compactness, ergonomics and small size are the main advantages of an economy class kitchen Compactness, ergonomics and small size are the main advantages of an economy class kitchen

Commander economy class kitchens

One of the best examples of furniture making (moreover, domestic) is the trademark “Commander”.

This product is characterized by the following:

  • Typesetting is practiced (that is, you can make a set of those elements that you need, taking into account the characteristics of a particular room);
  • From small to large, kitchens can be taken in a ready-made kit;
  • A wide range of models (Provence, Agatha, Era, Valencia, Mix, Stella, Berta, Lanta and others);
  • High quality fittings;
  • Any components and accessories are always available (from countertops to sinks, from handles to hinges).

Kitchens “Commander” for every day (video)

These gorgeous cuisines loved by Russians are economy class at their best. Universal prefabricated kitchens Commander, day after day, delight the user with a nice design, and most importantly, high functionality. Inexpensive ready-made kitchens Commander – the ideal solution for the furnishings of most Russian apartments.

Examples of economy class kitchens (photo)