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We remade cheap IKEA furniture and got an expensive interior. How?

Furniture from Ikea is inexpensive and pretty, but too recognizable and often betrays the budget of the interior. We tell you how you can modify 3 pieces of furniture to make them seem more expensive than they really are.

Conversion of Billy’s Shelving Unit into a Luxury Built-in Library

Billy’s cheap shelving can be easily converted into a luxurious built-in wardrobe for storing books and pretty little things. By the way, making such a wall to order costs about 200 thousand rubles, while its Ikeev version will cost you a maximum of 25 thousand rubles (taking into account the shelves themselves, all materials and lamps).

Billy Shelving

The wall in the living room plays an important role in the perception of the interior. Throw away the old one, set aside 3-5 days for rework and get a chic rack for very little money

Here are the basic steps:

  1. We compose a combination of racks for the dimensions you need. For example, you can combine two large shelves and one narrow one. And if the ceiling is high, then the racks can be extended with special top shelves from the same Billy series.
  2. We are planning a future library with the exact dimensions of all additional parts: boards between shelves, an upper box and a decorative cornice, a lower plinth, possibly side boxes.
  3. We collect Billy’s shelves, put them against the wall in the right order and first remove the plinth (it is better to cut it at an angle of 45 degrees in order to use this piece for finishing the library in the future).

Installing racks against the wall

  1. We install floor plinths around the perimeter of the shelving base (ideally, use the remnants of the existing plinth, but you can also buy just a similar option).
  2. We build a box from the boards along the perimeter of the upper part of the shelving.

Upper basket

  1. Now we close the gaps between the shelves with boards. For example, they can be 20 cm wide, as in this project.

By the way, if you want to install the backlight, then you need to do this before installing the second vertical board in order to have time to hide the wires and the extension cord in the empty space (in this project, the extension cord has a remote control function, which is very convenient).

  • Installation of luminaires by marking
  • Installation of luminaires by marking

Extension between racks

  1. Cut out the moldings at an angle of 45 degrees and glue them on the top of the cabinet. At the same stage, you can glue small strips at the joints between the shelves and additional top shelves, if you used them to build up the library.
  1. Hooray, the most important thing is done. It remains to do the finishing: fill up all the cracks with putty or sealant (after that, magically, the cabinet will seem perfect), paint the rack first with a primer in 1-2 layers, then with enamel paint in 2 layers and, finally, with matte varnish in 1-2 layers.
  1. We decorate the resulting rack with accessories, arrange books and admire the interior!


Conversion of an ordinary Hamnes dresser into an exclusive

The Hamnes chest of drawers is so popular and recognizable that its mere appearance completely deprives the interior of its individuality and cheapens space. But what if you conjure a little over it? By painting the chest of drawers in a more complex shade and replacing simple handles with stylish fittings, you will get furniture with an exclusive design.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to remodel Hamnes dresser:

  1. We buy and assemble Hamnes chest of drawers. It is advisable to buy a chest of drawers in the finish “White stain”, and not just in white. This will make the paint smoother.
  2. We close the holes under the handles with wood putty, let it dry and lightly grind.

Painting the dresser

  1. We paint the chest of drawers with a primer in 2 layers, with chalk paint in 2-3 layers (for example, from Daria Geiler), then with matte varnish in 2-3 layers. For painting, it is best to use a fresh 15 cm mohair roller or a good quality brush. Each layer should be allowed to dry for 1 day. You don’t need to sand the dresser if you are using a good primer and chalk paint.
  2. Install the handles. Voila! Exclusive chest of drawers ready!



To make the dresser look even richer, the front panels of its drawers can be supplemented with moldings

Transforming a regular stool into a trendy one

The Marius stool costs only 349 rubles, but in just half an hour of work it can be turned into a real candy.

Conversion instructions:

  1. Degrease the chair and coat the legs with gold spray paint. If desired, you can apply 1-2 layers of matte varnish.
  2. Cut out a circle from the foam rubber to the size of the seat and glue the resulting blank on it (if desired).
  3. Upholster the seat with natural or faux fur. Everything!