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Olivier with consequences: returning the debt of the liver after the holidays

The liver is the main filter of the body. The more work the organ has, the worse it copes with it, and fatty salads with mayonnaise, high-calorie dishes and frequent alcohol consumption lead to an increased load on the liver..

How to return the body to its previous performance after the New Year holidays?

Make the right menu


In order for the body to have less accumulations of food “garbage”, it is necessary to increase the production of bile. It plays an important role in the process of cleansing the liver and generally improves digestion, therefore, first of all, it is necessary to stimulate its production and excretion..

If you choose the method of taking pharmacy drugs for this, you can only aggravate the situation, since the pills load the liver even more. Instead, it is better to diversify your menu and introduce foods that will benefit the liver and have a choleretic effect..

It is worth consuming daily:

  • lettuce varieties with a bitter aftertaste (arugula, watercress);
  • cauliflower and broccoli;
  • green and onions;
  • avocado;
  • vegetables that have a mild laxative and cleansing effect: beets, turnips, carrots, pumpkin, zucchini.

It is better not to cook foods and eat them fresh..

At least for a while, you should forget about fatty, fried, smoked dishes, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, rich soups, mayonnaise, spices, fast food and sausages. The menu should contain low-calorie dishes, for example, porridge on the water, vegetable soups, low-fat meats and fish.

Start the morning with oil


Almost all vegetable oils have hepatoprotective properties, i.e. remove free radicals from the body. Especially valuable in this sense are unrefined and unfiltered oils..

Sunflower oil, flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil cleanse the liver well. To get the most out of your oil, you need to get in the habit of starting your morning with a tablespoon of the selected variety..

Vegetable oil on an empty stomach awakens the body, improves the digestion process, increases the performance of all organs, including the liver, and even helps to get rid of extra pounds. The oil covers the gastric mucosa with a thin protective film, protecting against the development of gastrointestinal diseases, speeds up metabolism and helps to quickly get rid of toxins and toxins.

Replace coffee with herbal tea

herbal tea

Herbal medicine is one of the most effective ways to cleanse liver cells. Herbal teas and infusions are cheap, affordable, safe, and very effective. They have a beneficial effect on the entire body, accelerate the elimination of toxins and toxins, improve the production and flow of bile, have an anti-inflammatory effect and normalize the liver..

If you are used to starting your morning with coffee or strong black tea, it is better to replace it with herbal tea or herbal tincture. To cleanse the liver, infusions of St. John’s wort, clover, chamomile, oats, nettle, calendula, milk thistle, peppermint, birch leaves are best suited.

You can buy dry raw materials at the pharmacy, mix in different proportions and prepare tinctures. Herbal teas are recommended to be consumed half an hour before each meal..

Another option is to buy ready-made filter bags with leaves or flowers of any medicinal plant and brew them like tea. Chicory, weak green tea and rosehip decoction are ideal for breakfast..

Increase physical activity

winter fun

If on holidays you sat near the TV, indulging yourself with salads, snacks, potatoes and hot, it’s time to increase the load. The easiest thing to do is to start walking more, for example, walking from work to home if the distance is short.

In addition, in winter there are many opportunities to make friends with sports: sledding, skiing, skating, snowboarding, walking along the Christmas trees and winter alleys. Any physical activity will benefit: exercise helps to reduce fatty deposits in the liver, which everyone, regardless of weight, leads to the normalization of the amount of enzymes and improves the sensitivity of tissues to insulin.


You can start to lead an active lifestyle after hearty holidays with a 15-minute walk, gradually increasing the load and duration of your workout (walking, exercising, etc.). In the future, it is advisable to devote at least an hour a day to sports..

Increase your fluid intake


After the holidays, alcohol and soda must be replaced by clean drinking water, which speeds up the elimination of food waste from the body and speeds up metabolism. It is recommended that you always carry a bottle of water with you and drink as soon as you feel thirsty..

You can daily use medicinal mineral water, which belongs to the group of magnesia-sulphate water. The more drinking water, the faster the body cleansing.

Visit the bathhouse or sauna


In a bath or sauna, slags and toxins leave the body at a high rate. It is not for nothing that after visiting the steam room, the state of health improves significantly, pleasant calmness and relaxation in the muscles appears, insomnia disappears. It would be nice to take with you an essential oil (for example, coniferous) or visit a phytosauna.

If there is neither time, nor money, nor desire for this procedure, a warm bath with sea salt, aromatic oils and pine extracts would be a good alternative. And you need to take it for at least 15 minutes, alone and with pure thoughts..

bath salt

Both the bath and relaxation in your own bath help speed up the metabolism, get rid of headaches and hangover syndrome, and also remove alcohol breakdown products from the body..

Don’t “breathe” toxins


Often, even all of the above rules do not help get rid of the feeling of heaviness in the liver and the desire to lie down as soon as possible. If the organ does not work at full strength, this affects the state of the whole organism: efficiency decreases, drowsiness is constantly present, mood is often depressed.

This may be due to the cluttering of the body with toxins, not only during the feast, but also after the holidays. Poor environmental conditions, smoking, being in a room where they constantly smoke (secondhand smoke), frequent use of detergents with fragrances (bleach, dishwashing detergents, washing powders), work near highways and other specialties associated with inhalation of harmful substances can inhibit liver recovery after the holidays.


The way out of this is regular walks in the fresh air, trips out of town, airing the apartment and, first of all, quitting smoking.

Do not be nervous


In the body, everything is connected in the most intimate way, and therefore it is generally accepted that all diseases are from the nerves. During stress and anxiety, the so-called stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol) are produced, which activate certain centers that help a person respond in a timely manner to an irritating situation.

If stress is constantly present, you have to worry every day about work, relationships with friends, bosses, children, parent and soulmate, these very hormones begin to harm the body.

Stress hormones lead to hormonal imbalances, worsen skin conditions, cause insomnia, and disrupt the functioning of the heart and other vital organs. In addition, during stress, many people constantly feel hunger, cannot control the quantity and quality of food eaten, which leads to digestive problems..

The liver, of course, immediately gets hit, so after the holidays, nervous shocks, worries and anxiety should be avoided in every possible way..

Monitor your medications closely


There are people who have to take pills or vitamins regularly on the advice of a doctor. Medicines help maintain health or are even vital for some patients, in which case, of course, it is imperative to take all the medications prescribed by the doctor..

But there are those who like to self-medicate, taking various dietary supplements, vitamins and pills that the doctor did not prescribe. Some get so used to it that they cannot live a day without drinking some vitamin or potion..

Prevention is useful, but only natural: honey, garlic and walks in the fresh air strengthen the immune system no worse than pharmaceuticals. Medicines cause serious damage to the liver and kidneys, so they should only be taken with a doctor’s prescription..

Restore mode


After the holidays, it is very difficult to return to work again, because during the long weekends, you had to go to bed in the morning. It is better, of course, to avoid an abrupt change of regime, but this is rarely possible for anyone, therefore it is very important to quickly rebuild back.

The duration of a night’s sleep should be 7-8 hours, and you need to go to bed no later than 23:00 hours. Sleep deprivation is stress, and the effect of stress on the liver has already been discussed above. So the sooner it turns out to restore the regime, the better the sleep, the better the state of health and well-being..

Of course, the best way to regain liver health is through prevention: avoiding alcohol and moderation during meals. But on holidays it can be hard to cope with your desires, so the main thing is to come to your senses in time and take up your body..