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New Year’s Eve Cleaning – 10 Maid Secrets & Checklist

Cleaning before the New Year is not only a practical necessity, but also a real ritual that helps to put things in order in the head and in business, fill the house with special energy. That is why it is advisable to do it yourself, and not with the help of cleaners. Moreover, you will be able to cope with the task no less dexterously and quickly! In this article, you will learn some of the principles and tricks that professional maids use, and you can also check the New Year’s Eve cleaning checklist..

Kitchen interier

New Year’s Eve cleaning checklist

What needs to be done 2-1.5 weeks before the New Year:

  1. Wipe dust from the tops of cabinets and shelves;
  2. Clean up the refrigerator and wash it;
  3. Wash the oven and microwave;
  4. Carry out an audit of all food supplies in the house, in the kitchen and in the pantry;
  5. Disassemble the wardrobe, bedside tables, bookshelves, documents and other storages: get rid of unnecessary, unnecessary, physically and morally obsolete things, as well as things that simply do not please you (they can be given away, thrown away, donated to charity. The main thing is to take the trash out of apartments);
  6. Wipe off grease from kitchen fronts and apron;
  7. Wash furniture, wash furniture covers and upholstery;
  8. Wipe down chandeliers and lamps;
  9. Wipe the front door on both sides.

New Years Eve Cleaning:

  1. Wash the floors, vacuum the door mat;
  2. Wipe down the stove;
  3. Wash the sink, sink and bathtub;
  4. Disinfect the toilet;
  5. To wash the dishes;
  6. Wipe off dust from all surfaces;
  7. Wipe down all mirrors;
  8. Change bed linen and towels;
  9. To water flowers;
  10. Arrange things, clothes and shoes in their places.

Additionally (can be included in the cleaning checklist 1-2 weeks before the New Year):

  1. Wash windows and wash curtains;
  2. Wash walls and ceilings;
  3. Clean up the balcony;
  4. Wash kitchen cabinets.

10 tricky tricks of professional maids for New Year’s Eve cleaning

Tip 1. Always start cleaning by airing. You can open all the windows at once or, if it is very cold outside, ventilate the rooms alternately for 10-15 minutes.

Tip 2. Before you start washing and cleaning anything, turn the space into a clean sheet. Collect all dirty dishes in a sink or dishwasher, garbage – in a trash can, bed linen, bath towels, dirty clothes – in a washing machine or laundry basket, put scattered things and children’s toys in their places.

Refrigerator in the kitchen

Tip 3. Follow the Soak-Wash Principle. Experienced cleaners always try to save time and effort by letting cleaners do the dirty work for them. This principle works everywhere. So, for example, before cleaning the bathroom, any maid first sprays the cleaning agent on the dirty surfaces for 7-10 minutes, and then simply rinses everything clean. Of course, during such “soaking” you need to have time to redo a bunch of other useful actions.

  • It is better to treat dirty surfaces with liquid products from a spray bottle..

Tip 4. To quickly create a sense of order, unload the windowsill, kitchen countertops, tables, consoles and open shelves. This tip will be especially useful for those who have no time to clean at all. Just empty all the countertops and you will see how the room will change..

Loaded countertop

Tip 5. Wipe dust with a microfiber cloth. This is a trifle, but very important. Professional cleaners have not used gauze, cotton or fleece for a long time. Only microfiber rags are able to quickly deal with dust – without streaks and loss of time washing the rag itself.

Well, the worst assistant in this matter will be terry towels and synthetic rags.

Tip 6. Always get out in a circle. So you definitely won’t miss anything.

Tip 7. Use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas and tile seams.. Believe me, this simple “tool” is not for nothing in the arsenal of every self-respecting cleaner.


Tip 8. Conduct decluttering and cleaning by category if you want to put things in order for a long time and efficiently. This means that it is wiser to clean not by room (bedroom, bathroom, etc.), but by category (clothes, shoes, books, papers, food, other things). By the same principle, you should put things in order in all cabinets and drawers. When storage is organized according to the principle of “like-to-like”, the necessary things are found faster, less time is spent looking for storage for lost items and things without a definite place of residence, the space immediately becomes ordered, even visually.

Tip 9. To clean windows in winter, use an anti-freeze. Windows are the “eyes of the house”, so it is highly advisable to wash them before the New Year. Professional cleaners often clean customers’ windows before the New Year. How do they do it when it’s freezing outside? Anyway, like the pros wash windows?

Here is the sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to remove the curtains and send them to the wash. And, of course, you need to dress warmly before washing the windows..
  2. The second step is vacuuming and cleaning the frame.
  3. Before washing the glass from the outside, they must be cleaned of frost or ice with a plastic scraper and warm saline solution (10 tablespoons of salt per 1 liter of water).
  4. To clean the windows outside in winter, you need to dilute the usual car anti-freeze in cool water, then ice does not form on the glass even at -50 ° C. It is best to spray the solution from a spray bottle. Anti-freeze also needs to process the frame.
  5. After washing the window, wipe it dry with a second clean cloth (also made of microfiber, of course).
  6. Inside the window, wash as usual with a microfiber cloth.

Tip 10. Use a vinegar solution to clean most objects and surfaces. With its help, you can remove scale from the shower screen, mixers, add shine to mirrors and a crystal chandelier, wash floors, eliminate unpleasant odors. Just mix 9% vinegar with water in a 1: 3 ratio and pour the resulting solution into a spray bottle..