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How easy it is to keep your home clean and tidy: 25 good habits

We have made a selection of useful habits for cleanliness in the apartment, which do not require a lot of time and effort, but will help maintain permanent order in the house..

Order in the hallway

Entering the house, the first emotions are formed from the situation in the apartment. Whether it will be a pleasant rest after a hard day, or the mess and clutter will make you despondent. Try to follow the tips below to always feel positive about the upcoming vacation when you return home from work or a walk..

1. Find a place for small things

For things like keys or a shoebrush, you need a place. You can purchase a basket for such little things. The things you need in the hallway will always be in sight and in a structured order. Special handy hooks or boxes are sold for keys, and shoe cleaning tools can be placed in a basket.

little things in the hallway

2. Put your hats and gloves in the dresser

After returning home, try to immediately hang your coat in the closet, and put gloves and hats in place, rather than leave them on open surfaces – on the dresser or by the mirror. It is best if there is a separate place for hats and accessories. Put things right away, it won’t take much time, but it will save you energy during the morning packing.


3. Store your shoes in a shoe rack or on a shelf

For sneakers, sneakers and boots, you need a place in a shoe rack or on a shelf. If this is not possible, it is worth setting aside space for shoes in the closet. It is important after returning home to immediately put boots, sneakers, shoes, sneakers in place. So they will not spoil the view of the room..


Cleanliness in the kitchen and dining room

The kitchen and dining room are the most vulnerable to clutter in the apartment. It is very important to keep these rooms clean..

4. Wipe down the dining table and countertop immediately after dinner

To keep your dining table or worktop shining clean, wash it immediately after you cook lunch and after lunch or dinner. This will save you from unsanitary conditions, prevent the appearance of bacteria, please you with order, and it only takes a couple of minutes.


5. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or wash the dishes in the sink right away

After dinner or lunch, immediately put the dishes in the washer or wash the dishes by hand. It won’t take long, but it will help keep it clean on a regular basis. Plus, it’s much easier to clean dishes and cups immediately after use..


6. Wipe down appliances after each use

An effective way to keep the kitchen tidy is to clean the stove, microwave, refrigerator and other appliances in a timely manner. After you have warmed up food or finished cooking dinner, wipe the microwave oven, hob with a damp cloth. Such a habit will save the housewife from long hours spent scrubbing away burnt-on dirt..


7. Move chairs to the dining table after dinner

After a family evening, it is very important to clean up the mess in the dining area. In addition to cleaning the table, it will not be superfluous to move the chairs closer to the table..


8. Put dishes and dishes in their places

After returning from the store, be sure to put the purchased products in their places. There is no need to leave it “for later”. The same rule applies to dishes and cutlery: after washing, do not be too lazy to put plates and cups in cupboards, and spoons and forks in their proper place..

9. Put the garbage bag in front of the door

To remember to take out the trash on time, place the bag near the door. It is advisable to do this in the morning so that before leaving the house you can take the bag and get rid of it. By making this habit a permanent habit, you will no longer accumulate a few bags of trash..



10. Take the mug to the kitchen right after the tea

When working at a computer or watching an exciting movie, we usually grab a mug of coffee or tea. And, more often than not, we forget them in the room. This situation can be repeated several times and after a while the coffee or work table turns into a warehouse of mugs and other utensils. To avoid this situation, take the dishes to the kitchen immediately after eating or drinking tea..


11. Periodically throw away unnecessary documents, papers and receipts.

Everyone knows the situation when a large number of irrelevant documents or receipts are collected near the desktop or in the hallway. Most of these papers are out of date or have been on shelves or in boxes for over a year. This adds a “clutter” effect to the house. Try to check documents and receipts at least once a month. You should get rid of unnecessary papers and checks. Rent receipts should be kept for 3 years. After which they can be safely thrown away..


12. Organize the storage of documents

This habit is directly related to the previous one. After the receipts are in order and the unnecessary checks are thrown away, the remaining papers and personal documents should be put in order. Separate work papers from personal ones. Try to keep an organized order and do not confuse different types of documents with each other..

the documents

13. Stack your notebooks and notebooks in one pile

Not only dirty glasses, but scattered gliders, pens and notes are the object of a mess on the desktop. Reminder stickers can be hung on the wall, fixed on the laptop screen. A handy, compact organizer can be purchased for office supplies, while notebooks and planners should be stacked. Place small items such as headphones or a charger in a desk drawer or find a separate place for them..

Living room

14. Do not store dry flowers

They say that dried flowers not only spoil the interior, but also bring misfortune to the house. It’s one thing when creative compositions are made from dry bouquets, and it’s another when flowers have been in the living room for more than a week. Check the plant vases and throw them away at the first sign of drying. Also, do not forget to water the indoor plants in a timely manner..


15. Remove the ironing board and iron immediately after use.

Accidentally abandoned household appliances and equipment negatively affect the design of the living room. After ironing, put the iron and board back in place, and the ironed items in the closet. The habit will save time and effort.


16. Put your little things in boxes or coffee table

Items such as chargers, remote control and books should be put back in place after use. This is the main habit of a practical and order-loving hostess / host. For technical details, you can purchase a convenient box, and for books – shelves or shelves. Keep the remote control near the TV or in one place.

living room

17. Take baby toys to the bedroom or place in a box

If children live in the house, then they should be taught to order. Don’t let your child throw toys all over the apartment. Find a separate place for them or buy a special basket. Do not forget to teach your child to clean up toys..



18. Remove from the field of vision detergents and paraphernalia for cleaning

The displayed rags, sponges and chemicals will not decorate the design of the bathtub. It is best to identify such things in a special place in the locker or take them to another place. Household tools and detergents should not be visible.


19. Place your hair tools in a separate drawer.

Hairdryer, iron and curler should not remain plugged in sockets or on the sink. After each use, put these attributes in a drawer or hang on a hook. Don’t forget to clean up your hairbrushes too. For such accessories, you can purchase special storage organizers..

Bathroom accessories

20. Do not accumulate empty packages.

Things like empty toilet paper rolls, near-empty shampoos and toothpaste boxes should be thrown away right away. Do not accumulate them. Get in the habit of throwing out old packages and boxes right away..

empty boxes

21. Do your laundry every day.

Do not store up large amounts of dirty laundry. Try to run your washing machine every day.



The bedroom has a special atmosphere, this room is considered a hidden place. Despite this, it requires order and structure..

22. Tidy up your bed every day

There is very little time in the morning, but there is enough time to make the bed. This is very important, since a made bed immediately makes the room cozy and frees a person from frequent linen changes..


23. Put makeup in drawers or dresser

Mascara, foundation and powder should not be stored in the bedroom on random exposed surfaces. Firstly, it harms the atmosphere in the room, and secondly, it adds clutter.


24. Store jewelry in a jewelry box

It is better to store necklaces, rings and earrings in a box, in a drawer of a nightstand. Don’t leave jewelry on a dresser or bedside table. By storing jewelry in a box, you can get rid of unnecessary mess and quickly find the rings and earrings you need in the morning.

25. Hang your clothes in the closet

Don’t throw your T-shirt or pants on a chair or bed. Take the time to put your clothes in a closet or basket for dirty laundry. Thanks to this habit, the bedroom will not be cluttered with a mountain of things, and the hostess will spend less time cleaning.


Most importantly, don’t put off light cleaning until better times. By following the habits we have provided, you will maintain regular order in your apartment..