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Don’t Buy This: A Selection Of Cleaning Gadgets That Don’t Live Up To Expectations

Progress does not stand still, the developers are trying with might and main to make life easier for the common man in all its directions. But sometimes the next invention, with all its high manufacturability, not only does not bring the desired result, but also drags out the time for performing the simplest action to the point of indecency. Let’s figure out what devices and gadgets for cleaning can be called imaginary human helpers, and how it is better to replace them in everyday life.

Spray mop

This cleaning device is positioned by the manufacturer as an automated version of a conventional mop, which significantly speeds up the cleaning process in any room. If you take a closer look at the device, then multiple design flaws become noticeable. So, for example, a spray mop is equipped with an insufficiently large liquid reservoir..

IMPORTANT. You definitely won’t have enough water to clean the entire apartment, you will have to regularly remove the container and top up it.

Another significant drawback of a device designed to make the life of a housewife easier is the direction in which the mop should be moved to wipe off the liquid. This must be done on your own, which excludes the possibility of garbage collection, which will have to be cleaned up again..

REFERENCE. The rag on the mop gets dirty quickly enough, it must be often separated from the mop and washed so as not to spread the dirt around the room to be cleaned.

What to replace

The simplest and most logical solution in this situation is an ordinary mop with removable microfiber attachments. This is quite a budget and convenient option. An even easier way is to purchase a set of rags, which should be changed when moving to the next room. After cleaning, they just need to be cleaned..

Rope mop

The most important drawback of the next device for cleaning the floor is that the rope nozzle of the mop disgustingly holds moisture in itself, the liquid during cleaning stretches behind it and leaves dirty stains.

ATTENTION. For laminate and wood flooring, such puddles can be disastrous..

Dust smeared on the surface after using the rope mop is even more difficult to clean. And the hair of pets and hair remaining during the cleaning process will have to be collected by hand or pulled out of the device..

What to replace

And in this situation, a microfiber mop will come to the rescue. In addition, it is recommended to opt for a device with a mechanical spin. Nozzles for such a device are made either completely smooth or with a short (no more than 5 cm) pile.

IMPORTANT. Microfiber never leaves streaks, perfectly absorbs liquid and is very easy to clean.

Mini brush

This device is presented to housewives as an incredibly convenient manipulator capable of removing fine dirt from the most inaccessible places, for example, from a computer keyboard or furniture upholstery. But, in fact, it is almost impossible to clean the sofa with a mini-brush, it will take you a lot of time, and the result will not please. The same with the keyboard – this device will only push the debris even deeper.

REFERENCE. By purchasing a mini-brush, you add another copy to your arsenal of useless things..

What to replace

To clean the upholstery of upholstered furniture with high quality, use the nozzles of a regular household vacuum cleaner. This will get rid of dirt many times faster and more efficiently..

You can replace this household appliance with a sticky roller for cleaning clothes..

Automatic broom

This miracle of technology is a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a mop. But in fact, this bulky device will not only complicate the cleaning process, delaying it, but will also be useless on some surfaces..

This device does not pass under furniture, cannot collect garbage along the walls, and it takes an extremely long time to tinker with linoleum tiles..

What to replace

Use a regular broom and you will always have cleanliness even in the most inaccessible corners of the apartment. If you still want to improve the cleaning process, then opt for a robot vacuum cleaner..


This colorful fixture is a must-have for every housekeeper in the 90s series. But in reality, the pipidastre only raises a cloud of dust into the air, which over time will either return to its place, or fall into your respiratory tract. And it is very inconvenient to wash it..

What to replace

The most effective way to remove dust from surfaces is to use ordinary microfiber rags. They do not throw particles into the surrounding area, and they are very easy to clean..

Robot vacuum cleaner with wet nozzle

A robot vacuum cleaner has long been considered a convenient and practical gadget for cleaning a room. Here are just some of its functions, introduced by manufacturers during the modernization stage, are in doubt. So, for example, wet cleaning carried out by the device does more harm than good..

What to replace

Just divide the cleaning into 2 phases:

  • dry;
  • wet.

For the first, use a robot vacuum cleaner, and for the second, use a regular mop. If you are ready for more substantial spending, then purchase a similar gadget with a floor cleaning function and two liquid tanks.

Dish brush with detergent container

This device will not only fail to meet your expectations, but will become a waste of nerves and finances. The gadget consumes dishwashing detergent very quickly. If, for the sake of economy, you mix it with water, then it stops foaming. Hard bristles can ruin the coating on certain types of dishes, and just holding a bulky brush in your hand is very inconvenient.

What to replace

There is nothing more versatile in this situation than silicone scouring pads. And you don’t have to pay extra for them.

Steam cleaner

If you do not want to use chemicals when cleaning your apartment, then a consultant in a home appliance store will definitely recommend purchasing a steam cleaner. It is suitable even for allergy sufferers. But it cannot be applied on all surfaces..

The manual version of the gadget is very heavy and the liquid reservoir is small. You will often need to top up and wait for steam to build up. In addition, at the end of the treatment, you will need to wipe dry all surfaces..

What to replace

For each type of cleaning, you will have to purchase your own specific set. You can’t do without rags, mops and household chemicals.

window washer

The most disliked front of any housewife’s actions when cleaning an apartment is window cleaning. This process takes a huge amount of time and effort, and if you are afraid of heights, then also nerves. To simplify the hated action, home appliance manufacturers invented a robotic window washer.

The first disadvantage is additional financial expenses. You will need a special washing liquid. The second drawback is that the device discharges quickly. The rounded edges keep dirt out of the corners of the window frame. Some examples have a limitation on the thickness of the glass.

What to replace

It is impractical to purchase a window cleaner for your home, it is more suitable for office buildings, where there are much more hard-to-reach openings. And for an apartment, it is recommended to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner with a battery, which costs an order of magnitude cheaper, or even restrict yourself to soft microfiber rags.