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Discounts in Ikea: what to buy before the November holidays

IKEA is known to buyers for its cheap prices and quality products. The store is constantly holding promotions, significantly reducing prices for products that are practical and useful for the home. In this review, we will tell you what discounts await buyers in October and what positions are definitely worth buying..

Dining table WANGSTA

The practical and comfortable kitchen table for two can be disassembled and seated for four. The drop-in board can be stored under the worktop. The table surface is protected from aggressive effects of grease, dirt, scratches and strong impacts.

Price without discount: 6 499 р.

Discount price: 4,999 r. You can buy here


Warm blanket VOKRAHE

Autumn is the time of rains and the onset of cold weather. At such a time, it is important for each person to feel warmth and home comfort. The Vorkrage plaid will be an excellent assistant in this matter. Minimalist square pattern and gray, red-brown or blue color will complement the interior and give it a zest.

Price without discount: 399 r.

Discount price: 299 р. You can buy a blanket at this price, by clicking on the link


Floor lamp YANSHO

Lightweight and slim, it can be placed even in the smallest room. The tripod is adjustable, thereby making it possible to illuminate any area of ​​the living space. Such a lamp will last longer than others and will provide households with warm white light for 25,000 hours. It can be easily combined with other flashlights from the series. There is a choice of copper, black or gold color of the lamp.

Price without discount: 1799 р.

Discount price: 1599 rub. You can buy here



The combination of smooth matte colors and geometric shapes is the basis for the creation of the Gradvis vase series. And one of them – a ceramic vase of pink shades and an unusual shape – will complement the minimalist interior. In addition, fresh flowers can be stored in it. To add flavor to the design of a room or house, you can combine different vases from this series..

Price without discount: 799 р.

Discount price: 499 rub. You can buy, by clicking on the link

Ikea vase


Paintings and family photos need reliable protection from dust, dirt, discoloration. In addition, family members will be pleased to see their own photos in an aesthetic framework. One of these is the SILVERHOIDEN frame. Simple and laconic, it will complement the interior and preserve the pictures and images you like for many years.

Price without tax: 349 р.

Discount price: 199 p. You can buy the frame here



A set of two curtains will be needed in every home. Thanks to the material, the curtains do not let in direct sunlight and hide what is happening in the room from prying eyes. White color will ennoble the room and complement the interior.

Old price: 599 rub.

Discount price: 449 р. You can buy, by clicking on the link


Wall clock NUFRA

The NUFRA watch is useful for those who cannot fall asleep due to ticks. Thanks to the quartz movement, the watch does not emit any sounds during operation, the hands move silently. In addition, they always show the correct time, going seconds per second with the set values..

Price without discount: 699 р.

Discount price: 499 rub. You can buy at a reduced price here

Ikea watch

Cushion cover LEIKNEY

Decorative pillows are decorative elements and it is very important to periodically supplement the interior. A cover with a dark floral pattern will help with this. It will fit any small pillow. The cover can be easily removed and washed. Looks great with a raspberry sofa from EKTROP or with other similar pieces of furniture.

Price without tax: 349 р.

Discount price: 249 р. You can buy here

Ikea case

Cutlery dryer FINTROP

The dryer will come in handy in a small kitchen: it will not only effectively perform its main function, but also save space and decorate the interior. Combines with other products from the FINTROP series, including discount hooks, magnetic bar and many other interesting positions. A set of little things will noticeably free up space in the kitchen and become a highlight of the design.

  • Price of a dryer for devices without discount: 599 r.

Discount price: 499 р. You can buy here

  • Price for 5 hooks: 279 rub.

Discount price: 199 p. You can buy, by clicking on the link

  • The cost of the magnetic strip without discount: 999 r.

Discount price: 899 rub. You can buy here

  • Dish dryer, price: 999 r.

Discount price: 799 р. You can buy here

  • Spice stand price: 999 rub.

Discount price: 899 rub. You can buy here

  • Roof railing price: 449 r.

Discount price: 399 p. You can buy here


Shelf, bench and hanger from MACCAPER

For a small hallway, furniture from MACCAPER will be the ideal solution. The coat hanger and shoe rack are great combinations and save space. For greater convenience, you can buy more than one set, but several shelves for shoes or hangers. Shelves can be stacked on top of each other.

  • Shoe rack price without discount: 1 999 r.

Discount price: 1 499 rub. You can buy, by clicking on the link

  • Cost of a hanger without discount: 2,499 r.

Discount price: 1 699 rub. You can buy, by clicking on the link

  • Bench cost: 5 999 r.

Discount price: RUB 3,999 You can buy here


A selection of stock items from IKEA will make your home even more practical and everyday life more fun. Each of the positions combines well with other products from the store..