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9 ways to place a dresser in a small bedroom

In a rather modest bedroom, it is difficult to place all the necessary pieces of furniture. After all, this room is not always used only for sleeping. In some apartments, the bedroom plays the role of a dressing room, study and resting place. In this review, we present all sorts of ways to fit a chest of drawers into a small bedroom..

1. Install at the foot of the bed

The most effective way is to place a chest of drawers at the foot of the bed, if it is tall enough. Thus, the furniture will become an extension of the sleeping place. The room will become visually larger, and towels and bed linen will find their place. You can place pillows or a soft cloth on top of the dresser. The width of the bed and chest of drawers must match.

2. Opposite the berth

The most popular place for a chest of drawers is opposite the bed. When using this method, it is worth considering that the depth of the drawers should be small so that they can be opened without problems, being between the chest of drawers and the bed. For the smallest bedrooms, dressers with a depth of 25 to 40 centimeters are chosen..

People who do not believe in mysticism can hang a mirror over a piece of furniture. Then the chest of drawers will play both the role of a dressing table and the role of a place for storing things and bed linen..

It is best to put vases with flowers or figurines on the chest of drawers, and fix photographs or paintings above it, corresponding to the style of the interior. The chest of drawers must also match the external characteristics to the chosen style of the room..

3. Like a bedside table

Often in small rooms, after installing the bed, there is little room left on the sides. If you move the bed to one side, then a chest of drawers will fit well in the freed space. Or you can place two small dressers on either side of the bed..

To increase the amount of space, you can hang several shelves on the walls. To visually increase the space, it is necessary to use only light shades of all elements: bed linen, bed frame, furniture, curtains, wallpaper. Cream and beige colors are also suitable..

4. Find a place on the balcony or loggia

Some bedrooms have loggias – a practical and comfortable place where you can fit some pieces of furniture, including a chest of drawers. The closet is unlikely to fit in the surrounding area, but small bedside tables will take their place. It is very important that the loggia is heated.

In this case, you can choose a fairly voluminous chest of drawers. In some apartments, the balcony plays the role of a dressing room. For small bedrooms, this is a great solution that allows you to make the most of the space..

5. Place by the window

If the bedroom is used as a study, and there is no place for a table, then a chest of drawers can be installed by the window. In this case, its height should be equal to the height of the piece of furniture. Drawers of any height and width can be purchased on request..

The surface of the dresser is enough to put a work laptop or diary on it. Enough space for an organizer with stationery. On the windowsill, you can arrange a small library as an addition to the study. It should be borne in mind that the chest of drawers must be placed so that there is space for the passage.

If the chest of drawers is long and wide enough, consists of strong and high-quality material, then it can be used not only as a desk, but also as a place to rest. It will play the role of a large windowsill, which will allow reading books in the evenings, sitting by the window..

Medium sized decorative elements can be placed on the surface. This space will be a great place for a Christmas tree or ornamental plant in a pot..

6. Niche

Some apartments have small niches. They are convenient in that they allow you to arrange furniture in such a way that it does not reduce the already small room space. In a niche, you can make a corner with a dressing table or decorate this place with wall mirrors or photographs.

It must be remembered that the design must match the style of the bedroom. This option is more practical than if there was a wardrobe in the niche for casual clothes or bed linen, curtains and bedspreads..

7. Hanging dressers

Among the chests of drawers there are convenient and practical options – hinged. With the help of such furniture, you can visually increase the size of the room and facilitate the cleaning process..

Such a chest of drawers is placed along a free wall or to the side of the bed. Before buying, it is worth checking the quality of the walls, since the severity of things can bring unnecessary trouble.

8. Narrow long dressers on the sides of the bed

In addition to hanging, there are also narrow, but long, chests of drawers. They will look good on the sides of the berth. As a rule, they are hung on the wall and store a fairly large number of things. They can fit books, clothes, bedding.

9. To the side / opposite of the berth

An effective and concise way will be a place against the wall, on the side of the bed. Here it is worth considering the width of the boxes and the size of the aisle. A wardrobe is usually placed next to the chest of drawers. Above the dresser, you can hang a picture or a mirror, turning the area into a dressing table.