Interesting quilling crafts: 9 great ideas

You can stylishly and interestingly decorate the interior of the living room with the help of an original quilling craft You can stylishly and interestingly decorate the interior of the living room with the help of an original craft from quilling Crafts can be voluminous or flat, it all depends on the idea, but the technology is the same: thin and long strips of paper are twisted with a special tool, they are given a certain shape and fixed with PVA glue.

Simple quilling crafts for beginner needlewomen

For beginner needlewomen who decided to try their hand at working with the quilling technique, you need to master a few simple forms.

These are parts made of strips of paper, twisted in a certain way:

  • Tight roll
  • Free roll
  • Off-center roll
  • Oval
  • Triangle
  • Spiral
  • Curl

Using these shapes, you can make the first simple craft, for example, chamomile on cardboard.

Making a quilling craft is not difficult, so even a novice craftswoman can cope with this task Making a quilling craft is not difficult, so even a novice craftswoman can cope with this task

This will require:

  • 5 narrow strips of white quilling paper
  • 1 narrow strip of yellow quilling paper
  • 3 strips of green quilling paper
  • PVA glue
  • A sheet of cardboard of any size to fit the intended flower
  • Quilling paper curling tool

A special tool can be purchased at a craft store. It is a pen and a forked thin tip – a slingshot.

You can make such a tool yourself. Taking a dry wood stick or cork as a handle. Tightly stick a thick needle into the handle with the eye up and with a special tool “bite off” half of the ear, respectively, you get the very slingshot that is needed for twisting. Between the arcs of the slingshot, you need to insert the end of a strip of paper and start twisting until the entire strip is twisted. The free end must be glued to the twisted roll. So that is all. A simple tight roll is ready.

Now the instruction for performing the chamomile itself:

  • Twist the rolls from the white strips, relax them, squeeze them to an oval state, leaving the center of the roll in the middle of the oval and fix the free end of the paper strip with glue.
  • Twist a tight roll from the yellow strip and fix it without relaxing
  • Make rolls from 2 strips of green paper, loosen them greatly, while making two clear fold lines symmetrically to each other. These are future leaves, therefore, they need to be weakened as much as the long leaves of the alleged chamomile will be. In this case, the center can be left in the middle of the oval or shifted to one of the folds..
  • Glue the remaining strip of green paper to the cardboard base – this will be a chamomile stem.
  • The final stage is to glue all the twisted parts to the stem, placing the core (yellow) and white petals at the top of the stem, and the leaves (green), in those places relative to the stem where fantasy suggests.
  • It remains to wait for the glue to dry. The craft is ready.

Such crafts are done quickly and easily. The plot of the picture on cardboard can be different. You can get acquainted and choose on various thematic sites or books. The processes for twisting and fixing them on a cardboard base are also described there..

Decorative quilling – volumetric crafts on a cardboard base

Quilling is a wide field for realizing the fantasies of a needlewoman. Pictures and crafts in this technique do not have to be flat, although the “flat” execution of quilling crafts is certainly simpler than a three-dimensional version of a picture or product.

To make a craft with voluminous flowers, you need to prepare:

  • Multi-colored quilling strips to be used as flowers
  • Green strips of quilling paper, which are needed to depict the sheets
  • Light brown quilling paper strips
  • Cardboard base of any color
  • PVA glue
  • Paper curlers

The size of the cardboard base and the number of strips of quilling paper will depend on the size of the picture. Here it is worth focusing on the picture taken as an example. If there is no such picture, and an example exists only in the head of the designer of the future craft, then it is worthwhile to approximately estimate the quantity and color, but leave a margin in case of improvements or corrections during the execution of the craft.

Even a child can make a picture from quilling, the main thing is to prepare all the necessary materials in advance, including cardboard, paper and glue Even a child can make a picture from quilling, the main thing is to prepare all the necessary materials in advance, including cardboard, paper and glue

To begin with, on cardboard you need to sketch a basket using a simple pencil. Where and how it will be located, whether it will have a pen, and what size it will be – all this is decided by the needlewoman, transferring the outlines to cardboard.

Then comes the twisting process. Better to start with the basket itself. Rolls of paper should be dense and convex. It is easy to do this: the roll, twisted and fixed with glue, needs to be turned into a pyramid by pressing lightly on the center, thereby the top will move forward. For the basket, the top of the pyramid does not need to be made high. 3 mm will be enough to make the picture three-dimensional. Place the finished rolls-pyramids, in accordance with the diagram-drawing, on the cardboard, gluing them with glue.

The next stage of the craft is making flowers. They are made according to the same principle as the basket, but for artistry, it is better to make flowers of different colors and sizes, with different heights of the top of the pyramid. Place the finished rolls “on the basket” in the order in which your imagination suggests. The leaves for this craft are made flat in the form of ovals with clear bends. You can shift the center of the sheet towards one of the folds. The number of leaves in flowers is also determined by the initial idea or flight of imagination.

An excellent option for making a three-dimensional postcard, decorating an interior or decorating pieces of furniture. An easy and not time-consuming, but exciting process, very exciting and pleasing with finished products.

Beautiful paper crafts: quilling and its technique

Quilling is a technique for working with paper strips. By twisting them and giving them a certain shape, you can make crafts on cardboard, a sheet of paper or gluing them together, a full-fledged animal figurine, a vase, a basket and many different products.

In order to make a figurine, you should take a paper strip and a special tool that will help you twist it In order to make a figurine, you should take a paper strip and a special tool that will help you twist it

What you need to purchase to get started:

  1. A set of paper strips for quilling. Such kits on free sale can be purchased in specialized stores, Internet sites, or made on your own..
  2. PVA glue and a brush for applying glue to paper.
  3. Tool for curling paper strips. It is a plastic or wood handle with a sharp forked tip. A strip of paper is inserted into this tip for the purpose of curling.
  4. For the accuracy of making parts of the same size and ease of use, you can purchase a template. The stencil has holes of different diameters, which help to make the same rolls.
  5. For complex works that require decoration using paper fringe, quillingists use a special machine for cutting it. But this is an optional device, since fringe is a minor element in quilling and, if necessary, paper fringe can be cut using nail scissors.
  6. Another optional but commonly used quilling tool is the paper crimper. He makes a corrugated sheet of ordinary paper, in other words, folds it into an accordion.

When cutting yourself, accuracy will be required, since uneven strips of paper can ruin the overall appearance of the craft. It should also be noted that it is better to take thin paper.

A dense strip is more difficult to twist and give it the desired shape.

All these simple devices will help both a beginner and an experienced craftsman to make beautiful crafts using the chosen technique. The basic devices are quite simple and do not require colossal costs, so the process will only bring pleasure..

DIY paper craft for May 9 from quilling

May 9 is an important date in the history of our country, which is associated with a great victory, May and bright feelings. On this day, it is customary to congratulate each other, paying special attention to the elderly, our grandparents, who, to varying degrees, had to face the face of war..

Congratulations to veterans are often held in schools. How can a schoolboy please a veteran? How to thank for the victory by showing attention? For children of primary school age, it is quite possible to perform a simple postcard with carnations using the quilling technique.

What is required to complete the postcard by May 9 using the quilling technique:

  • A4 sheet of paper
  • Quilling paper strips in green, red, black and yellow
  • A color image of an eternal flame, a five-pointed star or any other suitable attribute for the holiday and theme.
  • Paper curling tool
  • PVA glue or any other paper glue

An interesting and original postcard-quilling will turn out by May 9 An interesting and original postcard-quilling will turn out by May 9

A4 sheet can be taken both white and colored. The work will be placed on a sheet folded in the form of a postcard. To get started, it is better to immediately prepare a bent sheet, otherwise there will be difficulties with the bend after the parts are glued.

From the red stripes, you need to make carnation flowers. To do this, the sheets must be folded, then loosened, form an oval out of them, and bend one of the elongated parts of the oval inward. Each carnation will require 3 ovals. You don’t need to shift the center.

Then a cone should be made from a tight roll using green strips: the center of the roll fixed with glue must be pushed forward. This detail will simulate the calyx of the inflorescence. You will need 3 such details, according to the number of flowers on the card.

To make stems, green paper strips need to be twisted into an elongated spiral. These will be the stems of carnations. They will also need 3 pieces..

A few more strips of green paper will be needed for the leaves of the carnations. In order not to oversaturate the postcard with details and not to distract visual attention from the flowers, you do not need to do a lot of leaves. 3-4 is quite enough. The sheet can be made oval with clear bends or a more complex shape: give an oval 1-2 bends. It will look very beautiful and elegant..

The next stage is the process of fixing all the details on the postcard: first, from the strips of black and yellow colors on the upper side of the postcard, you need to make the “St. George’s Ribbon”. In the same place or in any other place, attach an image of an eternal fire or a star. There is an option without gluing these parts. A child may well draw them..

Then flowers are glued to the card in the following order: stems, cones at the top of the stems, and 3 red petals inside the cone. Completes the stage of fixing the flower – leaves. Based on artistic taste and preferences, the leaves are attached in random order.

The card should dry for a while. It is better not to sign it at this moment. It should be in a horizontal position in a ventilated area – this will speed up the drying process of the glue. It will be pleasant for an adult to receive such a postcard, made by children’s hands, in memory of the Great Victory..

Colorful crafts quilling – simple decor and spectacular result

The art of quilling is not necessarily working on a flat surface. Crafts made in this technique can be imitation of objects. For example, caskets.

In order to make a box of rolled paper, you need to prepare:

  • A set of plain or colored paper for quilling
  • A device for curling paper strips
  • PVA glue

The set of tools is small and the technique for making such a box is extremely simple and understandable, so even a beginner can handle it. To make the box stronger, you can strengthen its bottom. Shaping it accordingly on cardboard or a sheet of paper.

Using quilling, you can also create interesting three-dimensional figures. Using quilling, you can also create interesting three-dimensional figures.

An even circle must be cut out of the cardboard, which is required to complete the bottom of the box. Make several rolls of paper. Rolls can be either tight or loose. Glue the finished rolls on cardboard in random order, so that a pattern is formed. But it should be remembered that the last row around the circumference of the bottom of the future box should consist exclusively of tight rolls, since the walls of the box will be attached to them.

Further, based on the number of hard rolls that complete the bottom circle, you need to wind twice as many hard rolls and glue them in the form of columns on top of the lower rolls. The lower vertical row of posts serves as a kind of foundation. The rest of the rows are made of solid and loose rolls, forming a pattern or dispensing with it, fastened horizontally so that the twist can be seen. The execution of the walls will take time, since the next row, it is better to glue after the previous one has dried.

The lid of the box can be made, like the bottom, by gluing paper rolls on a circle of cardboard or by gluing the parts to each other, without using a cardboard sheet.

Without cardboard, the lid of the box will look more airy, and with cardboard it will look more durable..

After gluing all the details and waiting for the glue to dry completely, you get not only a decorative element, but also a completely functional thing. In such a box you can store jewelry, small coins or toys. Everything that fits in the box. Such a hand-made item will also serve as an original gift for a young girl..

Simple quilling crafts for playing with children

Quilling is the kind of creative work that is perfect for spending time with children. Promotes the development of fine motor skills, memorization and the difference in colors and shapes. Trains memory, perseverance, concentration and attention.

A fairly simple craft that is suitable for children’s creativity is a bunch of grapes. Would need:

  • Several stripes (12-15) purple, to simulate grape berries
  • About 40 green leaf strips
  • 1 strip to simulate brown vines
  • PVA glue
  • A sheet of paper or cardboard as a backing
  • Device for twisting paper strips into rolls

Figures for various games, created using the quilling technique, will surely appeal to children Figures for various games, created using the quilling technique, will surely appeal to children

Attention! The device, which twists paper rolls, has sharp ends, therefore, requires the obligatory presence of an adult during classes. You don’t need to leave your child alone with this item. The ideal option would be if the rolls are rolled by an adult or a child together with an adult. The gluing of the parts may well be done by the child on his own..

First, we twist all the details: green stripes in the form of ovals with clear folds at the edges and without an offset center. Purple – round, loose with an off-center. We twist the brown strip in the form of an elongated spiral.

The final stage is gluing the twisted strips to the base: first, the grape leaves are glued. A grape leaf has 3-5 tips and looks a bit like a maple leaf. Lay out on the base and glue the green parts, you need it in the form of grape leaves. Leaves can be stacked on top of each other.

A spiral of brown paper is attached to the leaves in an arbitrary place.

On the side, laying in random order, including on the previously laid “grape leaves”, you should lay out the berries. So that they resemble a bunch. The displaced centers of the rolls must point in one direction, thus symmetry will be observed.

A beautiful craft made with the child will remain as a keepsake. It will not be difficult to store it. Hanging on the wall or on a shelf as a decorative element of the interior. You can use different themes in crafts. For example, winter brings a lot of ideas. Winter lace on glass or snowflake pattern, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, herringbone.

How to make a quilling craft in the form of a postcard

A quilling postcard is a bright and original addition to a holiday gift. Even a novice quillinger can make such a card..

You can surprise your loved one with the help of an original quilling postcard, which you made yourself You can surprise your loved one with the help of an original quilling postcard, which you made yourself

This will require:

  • Paper
  • A set of paper strips for quilling
  • PVA glue
  • Paper curler
  • Special bifurcated awl for twisting paper strips into a spiral

Before starting work, you need to fold a sheet of paper in half – this will be the basis for the postcard. In order to correctly and clearly carry out the conceived drawing, it must be drawn schematically on a sheet or printed on a printer..

Next, twist all the necessary parts according to the diagram and fix them with glue. After all the details are ready, they can be placed on the postcard and glued. Before making an inscription inside the postcard, you need to wait until the glue is completely dry. Otherwise, you can spoil the rolls: wrinkle or peel off.

Graceful crafts for mother’s day: quilling – DIY jewelry

Mother’s Day is an important holiday for both mother and child. The child is pleased to see how happy the mother is, praises and thanks for the gift. The kid tried to please the most beloved and closest person. How can you make an original gift for mom with your own hands using the quilling technique?

Decorative ornaments in the quilling style will look interesting Decorative ornaments in the quilling style will look interesting

A simple craft will serve as a pendant in the shape of a heart. What is required to bring the idea to life:

  • Decorative lace
  • Quilling paper strip
  • PVA glue
  • Shiloh quilling
  • Decorative sequins for fabric or paper

When working with an awl, it is best not to leave the child alone. It can be traumatic. An adult should control the whole process..

A roll is twisted from the strip, which relaxes to the desired size and the free edge is fixed with glue. After the glue dries, a shape in the form of a heart is formed from the roll. To do this, you need to make a fold on one side of the roll and an inner fold on the other side. The heart will look more spectacular with an offset center and decorative sequins applied. Mom will be pleased to remember the moment of the gift.

The last stage: you need to thread a decorative lace inside the heart. A gift for mom is ready. Simple and beautiful decoration made with children’s pens is an expensive gift for every mother.

Small paintings: quilling crafts within the framework

It is very simple to decorate a room in an original way or to make a small but pleasant gift. It is enough to buy a quilling kit and spend a little time.

A beautiful quilling picture is perfect for decorating the interior of both the living room and the bedroom A beautiful quilling picture is perfect for decorating the interior of both the living room and the bedroom

What else is required to bring the idea to life:

  • Small photo frame without glass
  • Quilling paper set
  • Awl for quilling
  • PVA glue

To make the craft even, you need to apply a sketch with a pencil on the substrate. Then all the details will be applied evenly and the craft will turn out neat.

Glue the pre-prepared rolls on the base from the frame. Rolls need to be shaped according to the scheme that can be found on the Internet or in thematic books. Finished quilling – the craft must be placed in a frame.

Bright crafts from quilling: pictures for a children’s room

The room in which the child lives should be bright. It is comfortable for a kid to be in a room where there are familiar heroes of fairy tales and cartoons on the walls. Crafts that are made by yourself will help to bring variety. With your own hands, you can make a picture that depicts one or another favorite fairytale hero, good-natured animals, angels or a beautiful and bright flower. Various schemes can be found on the Internet. For children, the quilling process is very exciting. Children’s fantasies are embodied in crafts.

Unusual and fabulous paintings created using the quilling technique can be added to the interior of the children's room Unusual and fabulous paintings created using the quilling technique can be added to the interior of the children’s room

To make such a picture you will need:

  • A set of paper strips for quilling
  • Awl for quilling
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • PVA glue

For a picture, it is better to take a thick sheet of paper or even cardboard. On such a substrate, the picture will be better preserved and will delight the eye for a long time..

On a sheet of paper, draw a diagrammatic drawing with a pencil from which it will be clear where exactly you need to attach the rolls. Apply the rolled rolls with glue to the drawing and wait until it dries. After the glue dries, the craft can be placed in the right place: put on a shelf or hang on the wall. In 2018, crafts with the image of a rooster – a symbol of the coming year, are relevant. Such a product can not only be left at home, but also presented to one of your friends and acquaintances..

Unusual quilling crafts: flowers on lace

At all times, women loved to decorate themselves. Quilling is quite a suitable activity for this, if you resort to imagination. Quilling itself is paper rolling, but adopting this technique, you can make a brooch out of leather. Such an accessory will interest many – this is an original solution, 100% repeatable, which is impossible.

The most popular among needlewomen are bright and original flowers in the quilling style. The most popular among needlewomen are bright and original flowers in the quilling style.

In order to make a brooch you need to prepare:

  • Leather strips
  • Awl for quilling
  • Adhesive for leather goods
  • The base is a brooch clasp (sold in theme stores)
  • A small piece of lace reminiscent of a winter pattern

When making quilling leather jewelry, you need to remember that the leather strip should not be thick. This will make the decoration heavier, it will look bulky and ugly..

As a substrate, you can use cardboard, which, before starting work, needs to be pasted over with prepared lace. Then twist the rolls out of the leather strips and glue them to the backing. The pin can either be sewn on, since there are special holes on it, or it can also be glued with universal glue.

How to make crafts from quilling yourself (video)

Crafts made using the quilling technique are always beautiful. Multi-colored paper lays down evenly and with a certain skill, takes on a bizarre shape, conveying the beauty of a design idea. Step by step you can see master classes and video tutorials on the open spaces of the network, as well as on sale on discs. Quilling is also good for beginners in this technique. Simple and easy-to-perform work allows you to fill your hand in order to move on and improve your skills and move on to more complex schemes.

Unique crafts from quilling (photo examples)