Elegant patchwork bedspread: a highlight of the interior with your own hands

Do-it-yourself patchwork technique makes it possible to create exclusive textiles Do-it-yourself patchwork technique makes it possible to create exclusive textiles Patchwork is a fascinating type of needlework that requires both skill and good taste. Tablecloths, pillows, blankets, clothes, bags, patchwork bedspread give the house a unique flavor. For beginners who can write on a typewriter – the first master class.

Patchwork for beginners: bedspread

The master class is designed for beginner needlewomen. Its simplicity is in two types of fabric used in sewing (baby blanket), and in an equally simple form of patches. A traditional do-it-yourself patchwork bedspread involves working with a large number of various parts that are assembled according to patterns. Fragments can also be crocheted or knitted. It is not always easy to assemble a composition with your own hands, for beginners you must first master the two-color version of the bedspread for a children’s bed, made in a simple technique.

To work on a bedspread for a one-and-a-half bed 2 mx 1.5 m, you need to prepare:

  • Plain fabric – 1.8 mx 0.9 m;
  • Fabric with a pattern – 2.6 mx 0.9 m;
  • Sintepon by the size of the bedspread;
  • Lining textiles – 2.15 mx 1.6 m;
  • Threads to match the main fabric.

In order to sew a blanket from small fragments, you need to work hard In order to sew a blanket from small fragments, you need to work hard

Master class: do-it-yourself baby blanket

Detailed instructions with diagrams and photos will help you understand all the nuances of making a bedspread for a nursery.

A baby blanket or bedspread can be much more difficult to make A baby blanket or bedspread can be much more difficult to make


  1. Cut out 18 squares 30 x 30 cm from a plain dense fabric (here – blue cotton) (taking into account the allowances, it turns out in the finished form 27 x 27 cm). You can make a square pattern for a pattern in the form of a frame 2 cm wide.
  2. Cut the same 17 squares from fabric with a print.
  3. From this type we also cut out the edging – strips 10 cm wide and 7.2 m in total length. The consumption of fabric can be seen in the photo..
  4. Arrange all the squares in a checkerboard pattern and sew them according to the scheme.
  5. Sew on the piping. If the fabric is not enough, trims can be used at the corners, as in the photo.
  6. The prepared front part is folded with a lining, sewn on the wrong side in the form of a bag and turned inside out.
  7. We put a synthetic winterizer into the hole left and straighten it like a blanket in a duvet cover. For good fixation, it is necessary to fasten in different places with pins.
  8. We thread the threads of two colors into the machine – to match the top and lining, respectively. Cut off all three layers along the lines of the squares and edging..
  9. On the open side, you must first tuck the edge inward.

Having mastered the patchwork technique, which is presented by the master class for beginners “Do-it-yourself baby blanket”, you can gradually move on to complex shapes of patterns with hundreds of multi-colored details.

Children’s patchwork quilt in the interior (video)

Patchwork bedspread

If there are remnants of old jeans and cotton scraps in the house, you can make original pillows and a patchwork bedspread from them with your own hands, which are not inferior in originality to the newfangled tango blankets (China) at IKEA. The idea of ​​a plaid for a bed made of jeans was suggested by the American craftswoman Heather Banks.

It is convenient to master the jeans patchwork technique using the example of a pillow, which is also available for beginners..

Patchwork can be sewn from scraps of fabric or knitted Patchwork can be sewn from scraps of fabric or knitted

A detailed master class will help you master and tailor a blanket from jeans:

  1. For a pillowcase 40 x 40 cm, you need to prepare a pair of jeans: wash, cut, cut rough seams, iron.
  2. We cut out 16 circles of Ø 16 cm from 4 legs. It is convenient to use a template.
  3. On the circles, mark the seam line, as in the photo. Its length is 11 cm. The parallel seam line should be marked on the other side of the circle. It is convenient to cut out a template – a square with a side of 11 cm.Applying it to round details, it is easy to mark the line of seams.
  4. Put two circles cut from jeans, put together and sew on the machine along the marked lines. 4 circles are connected in one row.
  5. Iron out all the blanks.
  6. Prepare squares with a side of 11 cm from cotton and padding polyester.
  7. Fold the top and synthetic winterizer together and insert into the center of the jeans circle – first we put in the synthetic winterizer, then cotton.
  8. The finishing line along the segments of the jeans circle is laid as in the photo.
  9. In this way, prepare 4 strips.
  10. Connect the stripes together into one canvas.
  11. We connect the top to the bottom part, inserting a zipper on one side.
  12. Turn to the right side and, before filling with filler, ruffle the edges of the raw denim circles with a stiff brush to create a fringe.

A master class for a bedspread on a jeans bed is not needed, since it is made using a similar technique. It turns out immediately two-sided, which does not require processing the wrong side. On the edge of the bedspread on the bed, you can sew a frill, braid, lace to match the curtains – you get a stylish set for the bedroom. You can also decorate the lampshade of a night lamp in the same style. The bedspread is thick enough, it can be used as a blanket or a blanket.

The basics of patchwork sewing (video)

Knitted Patchwork Blankets

For those who are interested in knitting more than sewing, a warm and cozy knitted patchwork blanket or bedspread for a bed or chair can be crocheted or knitted with your own hands. The peculiarity of such a blanket is that it is made not in the form of a solid canvas, but in separate squares (or parts of a different shape), which are then sewn into a large blanket. For beginner needlewomen who do not have a sewing machine, a knitted bedspread is ideal..

One knitted product can combine different techniques, combining knitting and crocheting patterns into one whole. First, the yarn of harmonious tones is selected. The thicker the thread, the warmer the knitted bedspread will be. It is advisable to use yarn made from natural material – acrylic after washing may lose its appearance.

From old sweaters, scarves and hats, you can create an original piece of furniture with your own hands From old sweaters, scarves and hats, you can create an original piece of furniture with your own hands

You can draw a pattern of an ornament from squares yourself or find a suitable one on the Internet. Do-it-yourself crocheted blanket turns out denser and heavier, with knitting needles – lighter and more loose structure. After washing, such a knitted bedspread may shrink or stretch..

They start by counting the required number of parts. Then crochet or knit the central part of all the fragments. Then they are laid out according to the colors for strapping. When all the knitted patches are ready, you need to lay them out on the floor according to the scheme.

To connect the flaps with a crochet or knitting needles, it is better to use a thread of a contrasting color, shading the details. Having connected all the knitted parts into one canvas, it is crocheted around the perimeter. It remains to pack a gift for your husband or parents or try it on your sofa.

Knitted or crocheted squares are sewn with the same threads Knitted or crocheted squares are sewn with the same threads

Square patchwork

A simple tie-down cover for the bed, which is not inferior in quality to the factory tango (China), can be sewn with your own hands from any rags that can be found in the house.

First you need to prepare:

  • Cotton fabric 1.2 m.
  • Edging tape – 0.5 m.
  • Lining material – 1.6 m.
  • Patchwork patches – 1.6 m.
  • Sintepon for an interlayer – 1.2 x 1.6 m.

Crazy patchwork is a rather laborious type of patchwork sewing Crazy patchwork is a rather laborious type of patchwork sewing

Master class on making a patchwork quilt

Instructions step by step:

  1. We select shreds according to our plan.
  2. Cut 288 squares 8 x 8 cm.
  3. Sew in pairs on the machine (seam allowance – 5 cm each).
  4. Smoothing the seams on one side.
  5. We connect pairs of rags into blocks of 4 pieces, as in the photo. The center seams must be cleaved with a pin to match the edges. We need to prepare 72 square blocks.
  6. Folding the blocks right side inward and aligning the seam allowances, you need to sew a rectangle of 8 blocks.
  7. Smooth the seams all right. Sew the second rectangle in the same way, ironing the seams to the left..
  8. Sew all 9 rows, smoothing the seams in different directions.
  9. Folding the stripes right side up and aligning the seams, sew 9 rows together, smoothing the seams down, as in the photo.
  10. We collect the bedspread. First you need to iron the lining and lay the synthetic winterizer on it. On this sandwich, place the top face up. Align all 3 layers. Starting from the middle, chop off all layers with pins or stitch with a basting in increments of 15-20 cm.
  11. The master class offers a bedspread tie manually – it is convenient for novice needlewomen. They start from the center, from the front side. With a needle with a large eye and a mercerized thread, they pierce all the layers and bring it out side by side, pulling the thread up. We leave the tip 5 cm, make a stitch and bring out the second tip, cutting off the tail 5 cm, as in the photo. The ends of the thread must be secured with a strong knot. Similar knots connect all the places where the quilted flaps converge.
  12. Before facing, it is necessary to sew the edge of the bedspread on the front side. Trim the edges, leaving 1.5 cm. Cut 4 strips 6 x 120 cm from the tape intended for edge sheathing, fold them in half and press them out. Fold up the edge by 5 mm and press it again. Expand the piping. Fold the blanket and the tape with the front side, pin the piping so that the raw edges match. Attach the piping, fold back the edge and smooth the seam. Sew the other side by hand. Sew the rest of the stripes in the same way..

Patchwork bedspreads to choose from (video)

A patchwork bedspread is the perfect solution to refresh your interior. You can purchase the popular tango patchwork bedspread from the internet-ikea.ru store, which is produced by the company: Tango (China). But the real joy for many years will bring a blanket made by hand in a few days. Do not be afraid to experiment, give free rein to imagination and the result will certainly please.

Creative inspiration!

Design of patchwork bedspreads (photo)