How to choose interior doors without having any idea about it. Characteristics of types and types. Advantages and disadvantages

Choosing the right interior doors Choosing the right interior doors Doors are a very important element in the house and without them it is difficult to imagine the completeness of the interior. But how to choose a high-quality, beautiful, harmonious product when buying? And this article is about that. There is no uniform classification of interior doors in the world. But the detailed scheme proposed in the article will help you make the right choice. Doors can be distinguished:

By production technology

Interior doors can be.

1.Laminated interior doors (finish film) – this type of door has the richest color range and low cost. The main advantage of such doors is their durability, ease of maintenance and a variety of designs. The downside is the use of not natural material (veneer), but artificial film.

Inexpensive laminated doors Inexpensive laminated doors

2. PVC doors – in turn, also have an attractive appearance and low cost. The main direction of use is office space. PVC doors fit perfectly into the design of a modern interior of premises, have increased strength, moisture resistance, do not fade in the sun and withstand temperature extremes. The advantage of PVC is its fire-fighting properties, it does not form fungus and mold, ease of maintenance.

PVC interior doors PVC interior doors

3. Eco-veneer doors are an inexpensive alternative to natural wood. In appearance, it almost completely repeats real wood. The main advantages of this material include a wide range of colors, low cost and resistance to temperature extremes..

Interior doors eco-veneer Interior doors eco-veneer

4. Veneered interior doors covered with thin sheets of wood (veneer). They are durable, natural, easy to restore, moisture resistant when varnished. The disadvantage of such doors is the color change from the rays of the direct sun and the fear of moisture without varnishing.

Veneered interior doors Veneered interior doors

5. Ulyanovsk interior doors are durable and beautiful design. Currently, in terms of functionality, the Ulyanovsk interior doors, along with the main tasks – sound and thermal insulation, emphasize the originality of the interior in the room.

Ulyanovsk solid wood interior doors Ulyanovsk solid wood interior doors

By opening method

1.Hinged doors 1.Hinged doors

The most common, familiar, convenient. But for this view, you need to have enough space to open them. It is very important to determine where the door will open (inward, outward, left, right). For example, in a private house, architects advise installing interior doors in the direction where there is a large area. But the brigades of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and building codes require developers to open doors only outward. This ensures safety in case of emergency and evacuation. According to Feng Shui, luck enters the house through the doors and whatever there are obstacles in its path, the doors should open inward. And by their type, doors are left and right, depending on which side the canvas is on at the time of opening.

2.Sliding doors 2.Sliding doors

Have a second name “compartment”. They move along the wall and thus save space. They are popular in small spaces. This category of doors includes interior partitions, consisting of guide rollers and curtain. They divide the space and are a fashionable attribute in design..

3.Fold 3.Fold "Doors are inexpensive"

Another name is “accordion”, doors are a book. These doors save space and are compact. With a large number of valves, they are called “accordion”. And they are much cheaper than interior sliding type. And doors that fold in half are called book doors. Convenient in small corridors and where there is not enough space.

4.Salon doors 4.Salon doors

Such doors are usually installed in places with frequent movement of people with busy hands, or in rooms with regular presence of children or where pets can pass..

According to the shape of the doorway, arched and rectangular doors are distinguished. At arched doors, the leaf has a curvature like an arch. And rectangular ones can be supplemented with transoms. Above such doors, mezzanines are very well located. We recommend buying and installing high-quality doors in the Doors Inexpensive online store on the website This store specializes precisely in the sale and installation of inexpensive interior doors with delivery in Moscow and the region..

By the number of door leaves. Taking into account the overall dimensions and the interior, the doors are single-sided, one-and-a-half and double-sided.

By type of material of manufacture

1.Wooden. Wood products are environmentally friendly, durable and durable, which, in turn, are divided by type into solid wood and combined wood.

1.1. The massif is made of hardwood (oak, beech, maple, mahogany) and conifers. The most common and inexpensive ephedra is pine. Others are generally more expensive. The price for them consists of such parameters as the type, quality of wood material, its thickness and processing method. Doors made of oak, beech, maple, mahogany are considered more expensive. The budget includes soft woods (pine). The main advantage of solid wood doors is strength, durability, good insulation, ease of processing.

The disadvantage is the large weight of the products, fear of moisture and the appearance of cracks, in the case of poor quality wood.

1.2. The combined massif consists of pine and chipboard blocks and is pasted over with veneer. The type of these doors includes products from MDF, chipboard and veneer. The doors of this group are not the most expensive.

MDF. Today this is the most acceptable option. MDF boards are made from wood waste. By design, the inner part is hollow. The advantage of doors made from MDF is that they have a low cost, are easy to decorate, do not dry out and weigh little. The disadvantage is their strength, impossibility of restoration, the content of formaldehyde and very brittle ends..

2.Aluminum. Not interchangeable when using Hi-Tech style. It is an environmentally friendly material, not afraid of water and sun, does not undergo deformation, easy to maintain and paint. But not everyone can afford the price..

3.Glass. These doors are highly original. Visually expands the space of the premises, makes the house brighter and more comfortable. But the minus is high sound permeability, frequent glass care and high cost.

By filling the doorway, the doors can be “blind” and glazed. Glazed doors let in light and solve the problem of expanding the boundaries of the room. Considering safety, glazed doors are not placed in children’s rooms. “Deaf” – share space.

According to the manufacturing method, the doors are panel and paneled

Panel door. A very common type. It is the easiest and most inexpensive to manufacture. Panel doors consist of a frame and filler.

Paneled door. These doors belong to the goods of a prestigious level. They consist of intermediate bars, small shields (panels), and they form the space between the bars. And the stronger the door, the more intermediate bars it has.

By style of performance

Classic style is always in fashion, it suits any interior and has a traditional color palette.

Modern, capable of giving the interior individuality without breaking the harmony.

Country music is a peculiar style that is most often used in country houses or cafes..

Fusing is a bold solution where several styles are mixed in one interior.

As a result, it should be noted that this classification of modern interior doors, like all others, is conditional. But she will be of great help in choosing which doors should be preferred, taking into account the individual characteristics of housing and taste..