How to choose a kitchen clock or make it yourself

The clock in the kitchen is the main clock in the house, because it is needed both during cooking and during gathering of all household members on their own business. They can also decorate the interior and demonstrate the taste of the hostess, so you should choose them deliberately. Today we will tell you how to choose a clock for the kitchen using 6 tips and 40 photo examples. Well, for those who like to do needlework, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a master class on making wall clocks for the kitchen with your own hands, which you will find at the end of the article.

6 tips for choosing a watch

  1. Small kitchen – small clock, large – large

A large clock in a small kitchen will clutter up the space, but in a spacious kitchen, kitchen-living room or dining room, it will show itself in all its glory and will be visible from any end of the room.

Medium and small clocks in a large kitchen will “get lost” and will not look so impressive. But in a small room they will be both comfortable and compact.

  • Large clock in the interior of a spacious kitchen-living roomLarge in the interior of a spacious kitchen-living room
  • Small clock in the interior of a small kitchen Small in the interior of a small kitchen
  • Universal dial size – 33-36 cm in diameter as in the photo below.

Wall clock in the interior of the kitchen

  1. “Duty” hours must be quartz

Mechanical watches are timeless classics, they are durable and are valued more than quartz ones due to a more complex mechanism and manual adjustment during assembly. Nevertheless, they have significant drawbacks – high cost, small choice of designs, inaccurate movement and the need for timely winding. Agree that it will not be very convenient to regularly monitor the work of the “duty” kitchen clock and wind it up, especially if they are wall-mounted.

Quartz watches on batteries are more affordable and more accurate, do not require winding, and are silent. And the design range in this category is much larger today. You can choose from classic models such as those with a pendulum, to the most modern ones, including electronic ones..

  • However, if you choose a watch in the dining room or prioritize not ease of use, but beauty, durability and chic, then choose mechanical models. Most often they have very high-quality cases, excellent finishing and classic “functions” of a fight, a pendulum or a cuckoo..
  1. Pay attention to watches with additional features

When choosing a clock for the kitchen, think about what additional functions you may need:

  • If you need them primarily for cooking, then get a small electronic or regular clock with a timer as in the photo below..
  • Retro style clock with a timer in the interior of the kitchen
  • Retro style clock with timer
  • Pay attention to the weather station clock if you are growing houseplants or have, say, wooden floors and a kitchen unit. Hygrometer and thermometer help you control humidity and air temperature.
  • Displaying the date and day of the week is a simple but useful function in everyday life..
  1. The best watches for classic cuisine – wooden, with a round dial and Roman numerals
  • For classic kitchen interiors (in the style provence, baroque, empire, shabby chic etc.) it is better to choose a wooden watch with a round dial, but not necessarily with a round case. After all, for example, watch cases with a traditional pendulum are rectangular or elliptical..
  • As for the numbers, the most traditional will be Roman, but beautiful Arabic will not spoil classic design.
  • The case and dial of watches in a classic style are preferable from natural wood, rather than from common MDF or wood-like plastic. At the same time, for elegant and strict classics, for example, in a palace style, the tree should be polished, and for Provence and shabby chic styles – aged. Other details (dial, hands, etc.) can be metal in the color of antique bronze or gold.
  • For a dining room in a classic style or for a very spacious kitchen, you can choose not a wall clock, but a grandfather clock with a pendulum, weights, a strike or with a sideboard and a bar.
  • Vintage table clock
  • Mechanical clock in the interior of the kitchen-dining room
  • Vintage style clocks in the interior of a classic kitchen
  • Vintage style clocks in the interior of a classic kitchen
  • Vintage style clock in loft style kitchen interior
  • Provence style kitchen clock
  1. The best modern kitchen clocks – laconic but original

In modern interiors (in the Scandinavian style, in the style of minimalism, hi-tech, etc.), the watch can have a laconic or, conversely, complex, but in any case, the original design due to texture, color, shape of the dial and case, as well as unusual tick marks and arrows. Modern clocks can be made of plastic, wood, and metal.

  • We do not recommend buying a clock for the kitchen without divisions – it looks interesting, but it is inconvenient to track the cooking time or navigate how many minutes are left before leaving the house..

In the slider you can see a photo of a clock in modern kitchen interiors..

  • Scandinavian style kitchen interior clock
  • Scandinavian style kitchen clock
  • Clocks in the interior of a modern kitchen
  • Clocks in the interior of a modern kitchen

Clocks in the interior of a modern kitchen

  1. Place the clock in such a place that it can be seen both during cooking and during a meal.

Where is the most convenient place to put or hang a kitchen clock? The following places are most often suitable:

  • Above the dining table or above the bar;
  • Above a door, arch or entrance;
  • Above the hood (if it has a visor or allows you to hang the device high);
  • Headset on the shelf (but farther / higher from the stove and sink).

Try to select a location so that direct sunlight does not fall on the device during the daytime. The following selection of photos shows some examples of placing clocks in the kitchen..

  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen
  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen
  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen
  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen
  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen
  • Clock in the interior of the kitchen

Master Class

And finally, we present a master class on how to make a wall clock for the kitchen with your own hands..

DIY clock

Step 1. Prepare any basis for making the dial. It can be anything: wood, plate, vinyl record, cardboard, polyurethane foam socket, or even an old colander. The main thing is that the workpiece fits in size with the hands of the clockwork and a hole can be drilled in it to fasten it..

Step 2. Mark the center of the dial and make a hole in it using a screwdriver drill (at low speeds so as not to damage the workpiece) or an awl. The diameter of the drill must match the diameter of the screw in the clockwork.

Step 3. If the material requires processing and decoration, then this must be done before installing the mechanism. As soon as the background of the dial is ready and dried, you will need to draw divisions or numbers on it (best with a stencil to get it neat). However, if you wish, you can do without them. At the end of the drawing, the entire dial should be coated with 2 coats of water-based matt acrylic lacquer. Then the whole decor will become more wear-resistant and tolerant of wet cleaning..

Step 4. Now is the time to install the clockwork (you can buy it separately or remove it from an old / cheap watch). To do this, separate the mechanism from the second, minute and hour hands and insert it into the prepared hole on the seamy side of the dial. Then, from the front of the watch, we put the nuts on the screw, the hour, minute and last of all the second hand (if any).

Step 5. Hooray! The clock for the kitchen is ready, it remains only to twist the hands to make sure that nothing interferes with their rotation, insert the battery and hang the product on the wall.

But such photo ideas for the design and decor of homemade kitchen clocks can be taken into account.

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas

DIY watches - ideas