Fashionable curtains in the living room: photo novelties of 2018

Curtains on eyelets remain a fashionable delight for the next year Curtains on eyelets remain a fashionable delight for the coming year The living room is in every sense the most revealing room in the house. All household members gather here, feasts are organized here, and if other rooms sometimes can “give slack” in terms of both disorder and non-indicative elements, then the living room does not have such a right. And the curtains must match this perfect look.

Curtains in the living room in a modern style

The most popular styles of modern living rooms are classic, neo-baroque, hi-tech. The classic design of the living room is somehow complemented by design findings that denote time and fashion, that is, the fact that the room in 2018 is different from previous images.

If you want to decorate the window in a classic style, the curtain material can be as follows:

  • Cotton;
  • Velvet;
  • Velours;
  • Plush.

Also, curtains in a classic style suggest correct geometric patterns and a fairly consistent decorative finish..

Classics at all times have remained and remains relevant Classics at all times have remained and remains relevant

If we are talking about high-tech curtains, then for 2018 the opaque black-out fabric will be a fashionable accent. It does not let light through at all. Such new items are convenient for residents of the central districts of the city, where it is difficult to get rid of the neon glow of advertising banners. And the design of such curtains is very modern..

The neo-baroque style puts decorativeness at the forefront. If you look at the photo of living rooms in this style, you will see how much unusual furniture design is characteristic of it. And the task of the curtains is to emphasize this dominant of the decor. But you can also go too far, the pompous curtain will already be beyond the style.

Modern curtains for the living room (video presentation)

Curtains for the living room 2018: trends for the coming year

If we talk about what novelties are being brought to the fore by designers, then it is worth mentioning the mixing of styles in the living room. The photo gallery in fashion catalogs proves this: the current style of the interior is a mix of different styles. Hi-tech, minimalism and refined eclecticism can be combined into one design. In this style, simplicity of perception, lightness, light is of particular importance..

Actual curtains of 2018:

  • Straight;
  • On hinges or eyelets;
  • Without clamps;
  • The color scheme is in consonance with the color scheme of the interior, light;
  • Natural fabric using new technologies – laser cutting, metallized threads.

Geometric lambrequin - stylish novelty of 2018 Geometric lambrequin – stylish novelty of 2018 Ruffles and tassels in lambrequins are a thing of the past Ruffles and tassels in lambrequins are a thing of the past

The fabric for curtains can be plain or with a geometric design..

Well, if such a mix-style in the living room is not for you, and completely different photos inspire you, for example, an interior designed in an oriental style?

Modern design of curtains in the living room: oriental style

Japanese minimalism is especially relevant today. It is appropriate in any room, and the living room, of course, is no exception. Do not be afraid that you will not be able to make a room convincing in Japanese aesthetics – interior items in this style are actively sold today, and some elements can be made with your own hands..

This style assumes curtains that are not a solid canvas. This is a lot of rectangular canvases. They can be moved apart and changed in different ways, and the appearance of the room will also change. The fabric and pattern of such curtains depends on your preferences, on the color scheme of the living room. New items of Japanese curtains can be viewed in more detail in the photo..

Usually these are outwardly light curtains with an exquisite floral print. They can very well visually expand the space..

Living room curtain design ideas (video)

Vintage curtains: how the living room will transform

If you are a little tired of the fact that your modern style in the hall lacks some kind of warmth, home atmosphere, vintage curtains will do the job..

As for 2018, items from Grandma’s chest will have to be retrieved again. The atmosphere of previous eras can not only revive the current design, but also turn old things into hotly fashionable novelties..

For vintage curtains, the following fabric is needed:

  • Atlas;
  • Velvet;
  • Brocade;
  • Thick silk;
  • Tulle with very dense gold thread embroidery.

The main purpose of a vintage curtain fabric is to be heavy and flowing. It is great if the pattern on the fabric is printed, tapestry or jacquard. And the braid and fringe will not be a superfluous element in the decoration. Curtains from not only the last year, but the last century, multi-layered, self-sufficient, you can transform any interior.

In the coming year, pickups that form the shape of the curtains are relevant. In the coming year, pickups that form the shape of the curtains are relevant.

Colors of textiles 2018

In 2018, the colors of the classic style will be in vogue – calm beige, word bones, coffee with milk. In the high-tech interior, the color of metal is popular, and Provence glorifies juicy shades and light fabric with a cute floral print.

Of particular interest are the colors ocher and terracotta, consider all their splendor in the photo. These are natural shades that will be good for rooms of different sizes..

Well, if you need to visually expand the space, and you can’t do this with only one color, try to arrange the curtains from wall to wall.

Curtains for the living room (video novelties)

Review more than one photo gallery, take a closer look at interior styles that are new to yourself, pay attention to curtains that are far from classics – a good solution can come at any time. Great choice!

Curtains in the living room: new items 2018 (photo)