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Electric panel for the kitchen: the advantages of choosing

Electric hobs have become quite popular lately: they have many advantages over other cooking methods. Electric hobs have become quite popular in recent years: they have many advantages over other methods of cooking. Cooking food, the quality of food and the hostess’s desire to cook depend on the technology used, which determines the design and convenience of the kitchen. Today on the market there is a diverse range of built-in appliances. A special place among them is occupied by hobs, whether it is an electric panel or a gas.

Which hob to choose for the kitchen

The hob fits into the kitchen like a sink, meaning it cuts into the worktop. In this case, it is necessary to observe safety precautions and leave space from the edge of the panel to walls or furniture. For gas appliances, leave about 15 cm or more of the free edge of the worktop. The electrical panel is safe from a distance of 5 cm.

Modern electrical panels will fit into modern and high-tech styles Modern electrical panels will fit into modern and high-tech styles

Modern built-in appliances are good because its size, design and even shape can be chosen in accordance with the design of the kitchen and the preferences of the owners..

When determining which panel is best for a particular kitchen, you should figure out what modern manufacturers offer and how the hobs are fundamentally different. Cooking kitchen appliances are divided into three types: gas, electric panels and combination panels..

Gas surfaces may have:

  • A metal platform on which the burners are located. Steel (enamel or stainless steel) is used for the platform.
  • Glass-ceramic platform on which the burners are located.

The gas hob has the following advantages: the hotplate and food heats up quickly, retaining most of the beneficial nutrients and taste. Moreover, gas technology is more economical, but it can be used in houses with gas pipelines or with gas cylinders..

The electrical panel, in turn, can be:

  1. Standard: cast-iron pancakes are used as heaters on which the dishes are placed. An electric panel of this type heats up for a long time to the required cooking temperature, and subsequently cool down for a long time..
  2. Hi-Light (rapid): tape-type heating elements, burners, are located under the glass-ceramic surface.
  3. Induction hobs have an electric hob that heats only the bottom of the cookware, not the entire hob. Heating disappears immediately after switching off. The amount of heat generated by burners can be very small (for example, gas at such an intensity could not burn) or high, which is comparable to gas burners. This electrical surface is designed to consume very little electricity when using it. However, this panel is one of the most expensive.
  4. Halogen burners, together with a heating coil, have a halogen lamp or a gas-filled tube in their design. When the panel is turned on, they begin to glow with a bright red light with simultaneous heating of the burners.

Food cooked on the hob does not lose its beneficial properties and substances Food cooked on the hob does not lose its beneficial properties and substances

The electrical surface does not emit gas combustion products, more often such built-in panels are more attractive, but expensive to use, because electricity is consumed during work.

The combination hob combines gas burners with electric ones. They are ideal for homes with electricity, but gas cylinders can be connected to save energy..

All hobs, regardless of the type of energy supply, are divided into dependent and independent. The dependent panel is paired with an oven. The control panel buttons are located most often on the oven body, sometimes on the hob. Because of this feature, the hob must always be positioned above the oven. Often, dependent hobs only work with ovens from the same manufacturer or even from the same series, poorly or not at all combined with ovens from other manufacturers or from other collections. Independent cooking appliances have their own control panel and can be located anywhere in the kitchen.

The control panel buttons also represent a wide variety: from standard mechanical ones that need to be rotated in order for the stove to work, to the presence of a hob control panel with or without touch buttons..

Pros and cons of an induction hob (video)

Electric panels for the kitchen: glass ceramics

The most popular among electric hobs is ceramic. The glass ceramic electric panel is considered one of the most attractive and stylish in design. In addition, it can be easily cleaned with a sponge or a special scraper due to its perfectly flat surface. In terms of functionality, in addition to the identical characteristics of gas and electric surfaces, the glass ceramic hob heats up quickly and also cools down quickly..

Despite the fact that the glass ceramic plate is very Despite the fact that the glass ceramic plate is very "fragile", but this disadvantage is justified by the high quality of the cooked food

When using built-in appliances made of glass ceramics, it should be remembered that:

  • Glass-ceramic technology is rather fragile: when a load of 2-3 kg hits, a piece can break off from it.
  • The surface is susceptible to the spillage of sweet drinks, syrups: absorbing them, the panel may become stained even if further removed with the help of specialized products.
  • Cookware used for cooking should have a flat, dry bottom, the diameter of which is equal to or slightly smaller than the burner. If the base diameter is larger than the size of the hotplate, the area that extends beyond the hotplate may stain the surface..
  • Glass ceramics does not tolerate point impacts of sharp small objects – knives, forks.
  • It is not recommended to use aluminum cookware during cooking..
  • When cleaning the glass-ceramic hob, use specialized detergents. Common household products can light up the glass ceramic paint. Specialized products are not washed off, but wiped with a paper towel, creating a special polymer outer layer that protects the surface.
  • Spilled small substances such as cereals, sugar or salt must be removed immediately to avoid scratches and stains. You should be especially scrupulous with regard to sugar on the ceramic hob, as sugar, while solidifying, corrodes the ceramic..

Late in cleaning it, there is a risk, along with dried sugar crystals, to remove a little of the ceramic surface, leaving gaps and scratches.

Choosing a hob manufacturer

When choosing a hob, special attention should be paid to manufacturers, reviews and recommendations regarding the technology they have created..

One of the most famous manufacturers of hobs is Gorenje: they always make quality products. One of the most famous manufacturers of hobs is Gorenje: they always make quality products.

Manufacturers are usually divided into the following categories:

  1. Standard functionality, usual design, normal quality, reasonable low price. This group includes such manufacturers as Hephaestus, Ariston, Aldo, etc..
  2. Built-in appliances of the middle level: more functions, higher price-quality. Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens, etc..
  3. The manufacturers of the most innovative and, accordingly, expensive built-in appliances include such companies as Miele, Aeg, Gaggenau.

Advantages of the modern choice of built-in technology

Today the market provides a variety of built-in appliances that can be successfully adjusted to the interests and preferences of a hostess or a single bachelor. This also applies to the choice of the hob. For example, an electric hob can have one, two or six hotplates in the form of rectangles, squares or hexagons. Burners can be of different diameters and with different heating rates.

Almost all panels for cooking food have an auto-off function: if no action has been taken by the user, the panel will automatically turn off Almost all panels for cooking food have an auto-off function: if no action has been taken by the user, the panel will automatically turn off

Modern panels are often equipped with heating sensors, which can be adjusted and fry food at the ideal temperature for them..

Manufacturers do their best to make working with hobs as easy as possible. Almost every modern gas hob has an electric automatic ignition. Gas panels also have a special “gas control” function, thanks to which the gas supply is automatically cut off when the flame goes out. Along with this, there are other functions, for example, “autoboil”, “keep warm”, etc..

The electric hob has a child and pet safety lock function. The function allows you to avoid changing the operating settings, turning the surface on or off. Often such surfaces have a shutdown function when inactive for a long time and when overheated..

How to choose a hob (video)

Choosing a modern hob in terms of functionality, quality and design, the owner of built-in appliances will enjoy the quality of food for a long time, the readiness to work with the hob and aesthetic compatibility with the design of the kitchen.

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